T-Mobile Makes You Wanna Jump! Jump!

As a business owner I keep my head on a swivel when it comes to ways I can save a few dollars without sacrificing quality. Technology is ever-changing, it can also be quite an upfront financial investment, and unfortunately is prone to being quickly outdated or even succumb to a few mishaps that can certainly happen throughout a busy workday.

In the spirit of saving a little money on upfront costs, the ability to stay “relevant” with your tech, and to also have the ability to upgrade or trade in a mobile phone well before you qualify for an upgrade, I felt this news may be of relevance for some of our readers.

It seems that T-Mobile was in New York City today with big news about the recent happenings going on with their network and additional offerings to their customers by way of hardware upgrades. This news will make you wanna JUMP JUMP! T-Mobile will make you wanna Jump Jump! with a new upgrade program that will be hard to beat. Instead of the standard upgrade time of 24 months when signing a mobile contract to subsidize your device, T-Mobile just hung up and redialed with a compelling twice-per-year allowance to upgrade your device if you enroll in a $10 per month program.

When does all of this upgrade goodness happen, well, it’s just around the corner. Starting July 14th, T-mobile ¬†customers will be able upgrade their device that’s financed through T-mobile’s Equipment Installment Program twice each year once they’ve become a six month “veteran” of the Jump! program. T-mobile states that you will trade in an eligible smartphone and any remaining Equipment Installment Program payments will immediately stop on the “old” device, and the customer will begin paying installments on the new device.

Now you might be concerned about coverage in your area and T-mobile is listening. The nation’s fourth largest network is making every effort to expand their cellular footprint and the company announced that it would be lighting up 4G LTE to more than 200 markets by the end of this year, which by any standards is a huge leap forward. Being the last major carrier to offer the iPhone certainly helps with T-mobile’s growth, but folks are still reluctant to switch due to the questionable presence of cellular coverage in their areas, so this news will more than likely be a welcome addition when comparing services with other major carriers.

You might also be interested in a few of the new family plan options that T-mobile announced today. If you’re opposed to contracts (myself included), they’ve come up with an offer that gives your family an option for up to four lines of service with unlimited talk and text, and data up to 500MB for $100/month. Not too shabby for a no contract plan.

T-mobile has also rolled out a pretty hilarious ad campaign to go along with their new Jump! program. Please enjoy two of the videos below (best to watch them in the order listed):

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