The What and Why of Innovative Nurse:

The Innovative Nurse platform is THE place for all of those ultra-savvy nurses out there that are looking to elevate their nursing practice. We’re not just talking business and entrepreneurship around here. Innovative Nurse is your place to ignite your thinking outside of the box and to take the brand of nursing to a much needed and higher level.

Whether you are looking to start or elevate your business, or seeking a resource to help you take your nursing career and personal brand to that next level,  Innovative Nurse is going to help you flatten that learning curve and break down those barriers.

We understand that entrepreneurship isn’t going to be for everyone, however we do feel that we can help each one of you cultivate and amplify your personal and professional brand, therefore much of the content we’re providing you with extends across multiple platforms of who you want to be as a nurse.

At Innovative Nurse we’re sharing valuable resources built on years of experience as nurse leaders and innovators in business, marketing, and brand strategy. If you’re looking to move the needle and be an integral part in this paradigm shift occurring in nursing today, then we’re certain you’ll find some helpful doses of what it’s going to take to elevate your brand.

And, the who:

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN


Kevin’s early years of non-conformity are what helped him create a diverse background in healthcare and business. Now, he’s a practitioner of out of the box thinking and building communities, platforms, and brands that help others work and live on their own terms.

Prior to becoming a Registered Nurse, Kevin had already started several businesses in technology, marketing, and retail. His constant drive for a more meaningful path led him to pursue his nursing degree at the University of Colorado and continue that training through a career at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland.

After moving back to Colorado Kevin took a moment to pause and remember back to some of his entrepreneurial tendencies as a child, specifically a time when he founded an Uber like experience where he rigged his bike to pull a Radio Flyer wagon giving local kids a lift wherever they needed to go.

After that moment of reflection and considering his previous successful entrepreneurial endeavors, Kevin decided to combine his clinical expertise and business acumen to disrupt the traditional model of healthcare. With very little startup capital invested, Kevin founded Spire Health Partners in 2007, which is a nurse concierge and consulting business.

The primary goal of Spire Health is to help support underserved individuals and communities get the medical care and attention they need to thrive. To that end, he is involved in a variety of projects from small and grassroots to larger scale initiatives all with the focus of ensuring the health and safety of the clients being served.

Kevin also attributes his success to being an avid skateboarder from a very young age and pouring his energy into a non-traditional sport that pushed him to take both creative and strategic chances regardless of the terrain ahead. Not willing to settle for just one type of business, he’s constantly upending his approach and now balances his time between several ventures from healthcare, to marketing, business strategy, and small technology startups.

When he’s not serving his clients, speaking, hosting and producing podcasts, or involved in the many other aspects of his business endeavors, you’ll likely find him shredding the nearest skate park with his three boys.


  1. TheNerdyNurse on December 4, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Great video. Personal branding is so important in distinguishing yourself in this difficult job market for new and old nurses alike!

  2. innovativenurse on December 4, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    @TheNerdyNurse Yes, our brand is critical in helping us package ourselves in a way that not only markets our services, but ultimately showcases our strengths to potential clients (if self-employed), or employers. Even if a nurse wants to be an employee, I advise them to promote their brand and market themselves in a way that the employer is not just hiring an employee, but a professional that will truly complement the company and also help promote the organization’s brand.

    Try to think of yourself not necessarily as an employee, but a partner in the company. This really just goes across the board whether you’re a nurse or not. This is the type of professional that I want working in my organization. It’s mutually beneficial.

    Thanks for watching!

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