Podcasting: Finding your Voice and Amplifying it

The Power of Podcasting isn’t just about amplifying your voice. It’s about connection. Podcasting is a powerful means in which to spread your message, tell your story, and even build community. First, we should probably let you in on what a podcast actually is. So if you’re not one of the 142 million Americans that’s…

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Scholarship Opportunities for Nursing School

Nurses play a critical role in every patient’s life. Individuals encounter nurses from the moment they are born to the moment we take our last breath. The role of a nurse is evolving in healthcare from assessing patients, identifying issues, implementing interventions, and following up on outcomes. These skills are only a fraction of what…

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Mindset Is Everything In Driving Your Success INS 25


According to those who know me best, I apparently have enough confidence to power a freight train. Their words, not mine. However, I would have to agree. Is that too forward? I kid…sort of. Actually, the point of today’s podcast is that mindset is everything, and it’s what drives success (or failure) in just about…

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Benefits Of Attending A Conference INS 24

attending a conference

I’m sure many if not all of us have attended a conference at some point in our careers. It was likely that you “had” to go as a requirement from your employer, or maybe it was a conference you felt could help you advance your career, and your employer even foot the bill. Regardless of…

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Theming Your Days To Get Things Done INS 23

Theme Your Day

If only we could bottle up a little time to sprinkle in a few extra moments here and there, wouldn’t that be awesome so that we could get everything done? Unfortunately, that’s not possible, however we can still get things done. Keith and I shared a few tools on episode 148 on RNFM Radio, and…

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Do Facebook Likes And Twitter Followers Matter? INS 19

Facebook Likes

Today’s podcast show notes outline whether the Facebook Page likes and Twitter followers really matter when trying to measure engagement. Be sure to tune in via the player above, or stream this show via your favorite podcasting app to get the full run down on my angle about these number might actually mean for you.…

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How You Should Be Curating Content EPS 18

curating content

So in the previous episode of why to curate content, we discussed the issue with actually creating “fresh” content from the ground up for your budding or thriving platforms that takes quite a bit of resource to implement. Now curation shouldn’t be seen as a shortcut where you just randomly post content without vetting it. Sharing…

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