Why You Should Be Curating Content INS 17

curating content

These show notes for today’s podcast will outline 6 tips on why you should be curating content for your platforms, but you’ll have to tune in to the actual podcast about tip number 6 as I really challenge the idea about some of the reasons that content creators feel entitled to get something back from…

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How To Effectively Make A Change INS 15

I received a pretty powerful question from a community member asking about why we as nurses seem to be paralyzed at making positive changes in our careers and our lives. I realize this might be an extremely loaded question, and definitely one that can be a sensitive topic, but in this episode I offer up a…

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Tips To Negotiating Your Fee

Negotiating Your Fee

Negotiating your fee is a skill that any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you is essential. We all want to be paid what we feel we deserve based on our expertise and type of services that we’re providing, but let me be the first to tell you that you need to remove that concept (what you…

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The Importance Of Social Media Measurement

The rise and subsequent dominance of social media in recent years was as dramatic as it was pervasive – today, social media is everywhere. Indeed, social media’s ascent is far from over, as it is still increasingly becoming fused to many aspects of our digital lives. For the entrepreneur and business of every scale, the…

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Should You Be Paid To Speak At A Conference?

A compelling question by Brittney Wilson about whether it’s right, maybe even ethical for an organization holding a conference to not pay the speakers that are providing all of these valuable insights, especially to a paying audience. Not only that, what if the conference organizers not only will pay your fee, but they also expect you…

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Workout While on Business Trips

Were you embarrassed because your arms were wiggling and jiggling every time you gestured toward your PowerPoint at your last business meeting? Or are your pants becoming just a tad too tight? Sneak in some workouts while you’re on the road. Business trips can make it hard to stay in shape. Hours spent sitting in…

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5 Must-Have Apps for Nursing Entrepreneurs

Keeping all your productivity tools on your desktop isn’t the best option for nurses who are continually on the  move—but the ever-expanding market for mobile apps makes it easy to run your nursing business from your phone or tablet. Here are a few essential apps to keep you informed, productive, and profitable. Nursing Central by…

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Does Your Brand Need to be Resuscitated?

Now you might wonder what the Kmart “Ship My Pants” ad has anything to do with your small business, but in my opinion it has everything to do with breathing new life into your current or future venture. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the video, here it is in all its creative…

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