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I’m tweeting, posting, instagramming, and circling in my sleep. Are you following me? Social Media challenges [infographic]

Do you feel like you’re spending more time on social media platforms than actually generating revenue? Don’t get me wrong, the statistics are definitely pointing in favor of social media as a way to bring in revenue as you create online engagement with other businesses in the form of partnerships and of course reaching out…

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Combining Health Care & Social Media

Facebook and Twitter have infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives.¬† Why should we be surprised to learn that social media is now influencing the health care system too?¬† The connection between health organizations and patients is quickly evolving into a technical relationship. Join While they may have been reluctant at first, hospitals have since…

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Social Media, better get that in check

Hey Social Media, you’re distracting me! After hearing about all of my friends getting pinned (“ouch!”) and hearing all the buzz about¬†Pinterest, I decided to give it a try to see what I could potentially do with this new social media platform. Aside from another time suck, and my attempt to figure out how I’m…

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