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Products and services are just an everyday part of our lives and businesses, but finding the right ones, well therein lies the problem. We may have some solutions for you. Below are just a few of the cutting edge technologies that we’ve incorporated into our businesses, and you too may find them helpful. Still looking for that “do it all” piece of technology? So are we, but some of these come pretty darn close to meeting most if not all of our needs.

Please feel free to give them a test drive yourself. Oh, and we love transparency around here, so we’d like to keep you in the know and just state that some of these embedded links are affiliate and may afford us a cup of coffee or two. Think of it as a tip jar. Just pay it forward. We’d do the same.

First up, we have one of the more frequently asked questions around here about where to purchase a domain, and once your ready to launch your site, where do you host it? Many of our sites are hosted with and so far their service has been reliable. We’ve encountered the occasional problem with our sites (not the fault of, and they’ve been very responsive to our requests for assistance. Customer service is knowledgeable, courteous, and sometimes they’ll just even give a call rather than returning an email.

Everyone likes to get paid. Better yet, everyone likes to get paid quicker. Need to track expenses, invoice clients, and account for the money coming in? You may want to give Freshbooks a try. You can find a review here, but we think you’ll enjoy the simplicity of invoicing and bookkeeping that this app has to offer.

Having multiple devices and working in various locations seems to be more common as of late. Whether you’re taking notes on your tablet or telecommuting a couple of days a week where your desktop PC is at the office and you only have access to your notebook, syncing all of that data can be a challenge. Well, we think these two syncing apps are pretty much the bees knees.

Are you having trouble managing all of your social media networks? We know, you’re pretty popular around the InterWebs aren’t you? If you need to keep up with platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare all in one dashboard, then Hootsuite is your answer. It’s baked in.

Mac users, are you looking for some really great apps that are potentially useful in your business (or personal)? We’ve personally used MacUpdate to score some really great deals on software that makes our lives and our jobs easier around here. Not to mention a great discount to boot.



Wave accounting is just a silly simple accounting program, and you really can’t the beat the price. Free! If you need double-entry accounting, with a simple dashboard, the ability to run reports, and connect bank/credit card accounts with automatic transaction downloads, then look no further. This is a cloud based accounting system that you can access from any web enabled device.

This program also has the ability to invoice your client, run payroll in the U.S. and Canada for a five spot for each employee…What!? Yes, Payroll for $5 for the first five employees, and the price goes down significantly the more employees you add. If you know anything about the cost of running payroll, then you must know that this is a bargain.

So you invoiced your client and need to accept a quick payment? Wave can help you process those credit card payments. Did I mention the software (except for the payroll) is free?



Don’t you wish that you could remember everything? Well, Evernote is probably your best shot. Are you a Post It™ Note kind of person? You know, the one with all of those sticky notes lying on your desk, plastered on your walls, and draped around your computer screen? We suggest you stop this very instant and get those thoughts and reminders in one place where you can access them from anywhere.

Evernote is a real powerhouse when it comes to lists, typed or written notes, clipping web pages, audio notes, and file attachments just to name. Anything you can do with pen and paper, you can do with Evernote and then some. You can organize your notes in ways that allow you to pull them up in just a few rapid eye blinks. Don’t believe us? Consider this your double dog dare to try it out.

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