Nurses Week: 5 Notable Nurses In History

Many nurses throughout history contributed to the profession by establishing precedence in healthcare where they found a need. These nurses had an immense influence on the patients in their care. They also laid the foundations to improve the profession by fighting for greater efficiency. Dorothea Dix¬†(1802-1887) Dix gained notoriety as the fearless nurse who fought…

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Read Back and Verified: RN Evolution, A Nurse Mensch, Yoga Nursing Essentials, Obamacare winners

Happy Wednesday everyone. Here’s another read back and verified at Innovative Nurse to quench your thirst for all of that great content out there. Welcome to our latest editions this week. We want you to stay well informed whether you seek information on business, technology, education, career advice, or various other resources to help with…

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5 Reasons Healthcare Might Improve Under Obamacare

Ever since Obamacare was passed as federal law, there has been a bit of controversy brewing everywhere from Facebook to Forbes Magazine. Some people feel outraged in the way that the bill was passed while others are perfectly content with the enactment of the new provisions. For the person who is a bit skeptical about…

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The Picture of Health in the US

Picture of American Health

  Healthcare in the United States is an ever growing industry. Millions of people are employed in the field and even more are expected to join it as the American population ages. For people across the country, health is a very personal matter, while the upcoming November elections make the matter highly political. However, what…

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Dear Katie,

I decided to commandeer my own blog for a moment to profess (publicly announce) my undying love for you on Valentine’s day. Sure it’s a bit bold, but have you ever known me to do anything without going big? I was thinking this morning while quickly devouring my stale peanut butter sandwich, and you rushing…

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Get paid with Freshbooks

I suppose it’s about time to actually write a review on a service that I’ve incorporated into my business. I’m just winging it here as this is my first official review here on Innovative Nurse, but I’m always trying to help other entrepreneurs streamline their process of running a business without a huge impact on…

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