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Work at Home Productivity Boosters

There is an estimated 2.2 million self-employed workers that now make their living working from home full time. Unsurprisingly, nearly a third finds their productivity slowed by procrastination and the distractions of an informal work environment. While children and the call of household chores rank highest for interfering with getting daily tasks done, difficulties tend…

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Use Technology to Find a Work-Life Balance

As a startup entrepreneur, you might be overwhelmed with the numerous tasks set before you each day. 24 hours is not enough to get things done. Just going from one task to another leaves you drained and this results to you neglecting your family and your own health. Try to take it one day at…

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Act like a kid. It’s good for business.

So, I can attest to life as an entrepreneur being an ongoing battle with juggling multiple projects and ideas. This past week however threw a few more balls in the air. A few sick kids later, and there goes all of my scheduled meetings, time at the office, and having to grind through the days…

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