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Combining Health Care & Social Media

Facebook and Twitter have infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives.  Why should we be surprised to learn that social media is now influencing the health care system too?  The connection between health organizations and patients is quickly evolving into a technical relationship. Join While they may have been reluctant at first, hospitals have since…

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4 Ways Computers Transformed Healthcare

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Wonderlane Computers have come a long way to be what they are today. Room-sized computers have slowly morphed into small, weightless, and portable machines that can easily be slipped into backpacks without attracting too much attention. Their uses have also grown on a large scale. Today, they can be…

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5 Futuristic Medical Gadgets

Oscar Wilde might not have been thinking of medicine when he famously wrote that “life imitates art,” but if he were alive to witness some of the medical gadgets arriving on the market today he would feel vindicated. Sci-fi fans of all kinds can now marvel at the realization of their favorite stories, as many…

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