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Technology, sometimes it’s good to be an enabler

Every now and again I hear or read about something that speaks to me. Well, an article posted by  Harold J. Johnson over at Lockergnome speaks volumes. As you’re probably aware, my medical consulting company provides advocacy services for individuals with developmental disabilities. I shouldn’t really have to tell you how extraordinary this population is, and how…

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The New Apple iPad. Who’s picking one up?

Alright, we’ve made it through the Apple event today that announced the iPad 3 new iPad. The next event we’re all going to have to make it through is…Are you picking one up? Let’s talk about a few specs. Instead of using “New iPad,” I’ll refer to it as the latest release. Any better? Not really.…

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White Macbook, a little piece of nostalgia

Apple has quietly pulled the magsafe plug from the white Macbook, and in it’s short life (born from the powerbook in 2006) helped bring Apple’s mobile computers to the mainstream. It nudged it’s way into many hands, although it certainly created it’s own controversy with it’s very similar specs to the 13″ Macbook pro in 2010-2011. And yes,…

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