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Opportunities for Growth

Doesn’t this just sound better? Opportunities for growth, or areas for improvement? I had the very distinct pleasure of being on a call with Lori Minky Radcliffe, fitness nurse advocate and entrepreneur where I discussed some of the mistakes that new entrepreneurs make when trying to start their businesses. Instead of a mistake, I’ll refer to…

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What Are QR Codes and How Can a Local Business Use Them?

Many people are upgrading their cell phones and becoming smart phone users. With the way technology is continually changing, regular cell phones are becoming a thing of the past. Smart phone users enjoy the uncomplicated navigation on Smart Phones and also like the fact that everything is easily accessible through Smart Phones. Now people are…

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Oh, the Google Places you’ll go.

Being In The Know A page one ranking through high quality Google places marketing is a massive win for any business. The impact and clout a business gets from having such a result is well regarded and highly sought throughout numerous services and industries, but how does Google places marketing help?  Google places marketing isn’t…

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