What It’s Like To Be A Nurse: Contest!

How many times have you told someone your story about what it’s like to be a nurse? Now we of course know that some of those stories are filled with joy, and others may be filled with tears (for various reasons that most of us can understand). Well, our friends at Degreestory.com are hosting a contest for nurses. This is an awesome opportunity for nurses of every type and experience level.

We know that being a nurse produces a ton of great stories, and we love hearing them all. Some are funny, some are a little ugly, but ultimately we know that many of them are life changing. There is no doubt that nursing is a tough profession, but I also think that you could never say that it’s boring by any stretch.

Here’s your chance to either tell your story for the first time, or to share it all over again with the nursing community, and have a chance to win a little coin for your pocket. Disclaimer: we can’t be responsible if you put your winnings in a scrub pant or shirt pocket. Remember that pen light that somehow performed a quiet somersault out of your pocket while at the bedside and never to be found again?

Yep, they’ve been known to “lose” a few items in our travels, so make sure to secure it well when you show your friends and co-workers the winning results of your awesome story.

Amazon gift Card

Here are the details:  Go to the website and answer the question, “What’s it really like to be a nurse?”

  • The prize for the best story is a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card. 2nd place is $500 and 3rd place is $200.
  • The contest ends on December 4th so get your stories in soon.

More details on how to enter:

Quite frankly, it’s pretty simple. Craft your story that’s been waiting to come out, create a free profile, and simply submit it for entry.

Again, just follow the link here to enter. Nurses, this is definitely worth a few minutes of your time! Either way, you’re winning an opportunity to add your narrative to so many other awesomesauce stories.

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