Top 5 Time Management Apps for Small Business Owners

When you are running your own business it is important to have good time management. Of course, it’s important to have good time management at all times, but never more than when you are running a business that requires you to be on the go so often. Fortunately, with everything that technology has to offer right now, you can make the most of your time by downloading some time management apps that will have you on your way and on time, all the time.

Checklist Wrangler

This app is a great one for any business owner who has an iPhone. This app allows you to categorize and store all of the lists you need to make your life run smoothly. This app makes, stores, and manages different lists for your busy life. You can create apps for your grocery list, an app for your bucket list, an app for your monthly appointments, your yearly appointments, and even a list of phone calls you have to make. This app makes your life as a business owner much simpler because it allows you to keep track of everything on your many different to-do lists no matter where you are. If you are in the middle of a client meeting and need to see when you are free next, you can check you to-do lists and appointment lists to see when you are free.


You might wonder what this app has to do with business owner, but it’s very important. Think of those networking events you are planning. You need refreshments and light snacks for those people that will attend, which means you need to make a list. You can categorize the different lists you need to make in your grocery list. You can add new categories, delete items as you add them to your cart, and easily keep track of all the things you need to buy.


This app allows you to see everything you need to remember you have scheduled without even going into your phone. You can see up to 20 different scheduled tasks at a time, which helps you stay organized and on time for all of them.


Things is a great app for those who have a lot to do. If you have client meetings, office supplies need to be replenished  or need to pick up your business cards you can categorize them on your Things list. You can then move things around by sorting them based on their priority level and check them off when you complete them. You can even move them to the next day if you need to free up some time to get more done today.


This is an app for the highly organized. This app allows you to create your lists and to-do items, sync them with other items on your list, arrange your to-do list by person, your schedule by places and family members, and even keep track of things that need to be done in different places and at different times. This app allows you to keep the best track of your time because you are able to see everything you have to do at all times, in every aspect of your life. You won’t miss anything with this app.

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Ben Sawyer is blogger and a content contributor for Arverne, reputed real estate company from New York City. In this article Bern shared with us some of his most useful time management apps for small business owners.


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