Top 10 iPhone Apps For The Science Geek

The iPhone has made some serious inroads into both the classroom and laboratory, and even some medical professionals carry them around for quick reference or calculations. There is a plethora of apps to appeal to diehard science geeks  following are some of the most notable.

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards

Excellent tool for medical students, nursing students, and anyone else curious about human anatomy. Features quizzes to test your knowledge. For those specifically interested in neuroscience, there’s a version just for that too.

Mars Globe HD

If you ever wished you could explore the Red Planet while waiting in line at the DMV, this is the app for you. With over 1500 items to examine, ranging from topography to spacecraft, you will whet your appetite for Martian facts. If you don’t want to do too much exploring on your own, just let the Guided Tour show you the most interesting spots.


The title pretty much says it all. Measure vibrations with this nifty tool, which uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to measure movement along three axes, and also features an earthquake alarm.

Science Facts

Impress your friends with the tremendous scientific knowledge you will gain from this fun app. Hundreds of facts can be searched for by topic or by browsing the index.

PowerOne Scientific Calculator

It’s a free scientific calculator – you know, like the ones that can cost up to a couple hundred bucks. Invaluable for college students studying the physical sciences, math or medicine.





This free app turns your iPhone into a weather station full of interesting features, such as real-time temperature, wind speed and direction, and local humidity besides the expected forecasts. The app also features Google Maps integration and local weather cams.

Monster Physics

Geared towards children, but just as addictive for adults, Monster Physics covers physics basics principles, such as gravity, velocity, friction, and more in a very simple way, through game play. Users can choose free play to build things using the abundant material choices, or tackle one of the 50 missions, which get progressively harder and build upon earlier lessons.

Audobon’s Mammals

An app for nature lovers with full descriptions, range maps and photographs for over 270 species of mammals that live in the United States and Canada.

NASA Image of the Day

NASA’s free app isn’t rocket science (ahem), it simply displays a new, cool picture from outer space every single day. For more, simply click on the links to the official RSS feed and podcasts. Supernovas, planets, galaxies  prepare to be awed.

Wolfram Alpha

The most expensive app on the list, at $49.99, is this so-called “computational knowledge engine.” If you ever wondered what the exact distance was from the Empire State Building to Jupiter, in quarters, then this app is exactly what you need. It is designed to answer queries typed in normal English, and answer with tremendous precision.

The iPhone is a great tool for learning, so have fun exploring the many other apps available—many at no cost!

About the Author: Thomas researches and reports on different science materials, like anatomical models. In his free time, he’s in his basement trying to improve his online gaming reputation.

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