Use Technology to Find a Work-Life Balance

As a startup entrepreneur, you might be overwhelmed with the numerous tasks set before you each day. 24 hours is not enough to get things done. Just going from one task to another leaves you drained and this results to you neglecting your family and your own health. Try to take it one day at a time and use the technology available to you to keep a sane work-life balance.

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Phone Calendars

Phone calendars help you keep track of important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and important meetings. If you are not yet using your calendar to remind you of these important dates, you better start now to be better organized. Remembering to buy your loved one a gift on his or her special day will help you avoid feeling guilty on a hectic work day.

Email Reminders

Use your travel time to check on your emails. Set your phone or mobile device to remind you of important emails or emails that need to be read later and read those emails while you are traveling. To take a small break, read the emails from family and friends while commuting. It will help clear your mind and take the edge off the day.

Mobile reminders

Smartphones and tablets are equipped with apps to remind you of your tasks for the day. If you find yourself swamped with work, make a daily list of things to do and check them off as you finish them. Use your smartphone or tablet to help you organize these tasks. Your device will remind you if a task is due on a specific time. You will have more time to prepare and beat deadlines with these apps.

Eat healthy

There are apps out there that can help you improve your diet. You can’t possibly accomplish a million things if you are running on empty. Don’t settle for junk food and the vending machine. Install apps to help you find healthy restaurants in your area. You can also use apps that analyze the food you eat and help you find the best diet for your lifestyle.

Get some good sleep

If you are not a huge fan of alarm clocks, try installing apps that are designed to help you be productive first thing in the morning. First of all, you can program these apps to wake you up to your favorite song or to a more pleasing sound than a blaring alarm. That alone makes your mornings a lot better. You can then begin your day feeling calm and refreshed.

Don’t forget to talk to the people you love

Technology has helped us to connect to the important people in our lives easier and faster. Just a simple text or email to check on your loved ones will rejuvenate you. Talk to them for a few minutes and you will find yourself happier and more relaxed.

Refresh your creative juju

Use your phone or your tablet to refresh your creativity. Install apps that help you explore your inner artist. Browse photos of things that inspire you on Pinterest. Catch up on your leisure reading. Taking a break once in a while will not only give you some rest, it will also refresh your mind. Looking at and doing things that inspire you will lift up your spirits and make you ready to tackle new challenges.

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  1. business information on November 6, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    I agree to this because technology is already part of our daily activities and it is important if we know how to use and manage it.

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