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Today I’d like to make this show a Q&A Friday. I’ve gotten so many questions over the last few weeks that I feel like I just need to address them right here, and right now. So this podcast is still devoted to the hustle of branding and entrepreneurship, but I’m going to take a quick breather to again thank all of you for the steady stream of questions.

Now these are nowhere near the actual number of questions I’ve received and are also in no particular order, but they have been “abridged” for brevity:

“Do You Really Have Time To Exercise?”

The simple answer is, yes. It doesn’t matter what my week may look like ahead. Some days or weeks command a breakneck pace, but to do that I need to get my body and mind ready for it. Many people say that they wish they could have my energy, well, putting in some “sweat equity” before my day actually ramps up is a good way to build that endurance.

I think more clearly, it gets me extremely pumped for the day, and often times I come up with new ideas. So, yeah, it’s an investment that I’ll keep making.

“I’ve Heard You Talk About Your Involvement In Pitching In Around The House. Is That Really True, And How Do You Have The Time?”

Chores and anything else in that category can have a tendency to build up pretty quickly in a busy household and they can slow you down if they start piling up. One advantage I do have is that there are days when I work out of my home office, which allows me to tackle some of these throughout my work day.

Now let me preface that if you’re working from home, you should also avoid getting distracted by chores, and if you’re going to do them then schedule it like a meeting or do them while you’re on the phone, which is what I do.

I am seriously on my phone non-stop some days, and yes, I can pay attention to both. If I’m catching up with one of my business partners or colleagues where I really don’t need to take any notes, then I’ll just fold a little laundry or clean up the kitchen while I’m chatting. I never sit down while I’m on the phone anyway, so if I’m up, then I might as well be making the most of it. And yes, I reiterate that I am still devoting my attention to the person on the other line.

Besides, who wants to be doing laundry on the weekends? I need that time to go big on other things.

“So, What Is The Last Thing You Do During Your Work Day?”

I reflect on what I’ve accomplished that day. No matter the hustle each day brings, I’ve got to take a moment to really look back on what it is that I did. Who did I help, did I actually help, and what can I do better to serve? Seriously, it may sound like a BS answer, but there’s more to business than money. Money is a lifeline to stay in business, but I truly love helping others.

“I’ve Heard A Couple Of Your Podcasts And Also Found Some Old Videos Of You Talking About Coaching. Is This Something You Still Provide?”

Great question, and the simplest answer I can give is Yes and No.

Okay, maybe that’s not so simple.

The “No” part of the answer is that I don’t offer any formal business coaching services. My content that I publish on blogs, the podcasts, and the videos are meant to give you some guidance with branding, entrepreneurship, and some tech, but I also know that it’s not always comprehensive enough for some of you.

With my current status of established companies and a growing portfolio of startups, it just comes down to a time commitment and location issue. I’m going pretty hard each day on multiple endeavors, and I’m also not in one place for very long and often times on the road, so it makes it challenging to have a coaching practice.

What I have done however is that for many of you who have reached out, I’ve invited you to give me a call to see if I could at least help give you some further perspective and direction to head into. Many of you have taken me up on that offer and I’m thrilled that some of you have reached back out to let me know how well you’re doing.

The not so quick “Yes” part to that question is that as I stated above, I do randomly meet or chat with folks that need a little help. I am also however an expert in certain business strategies and many companies have hired me to come in and consult on a few projects, which to me I do feel like I’m coaching them, however in the sense of a coaching practice, it’s still very different.

“Do You Ever Disconnect From Work, Social Media, And Anything Else That You’re Hustling On?”

This is such a good question and an easy answer. Heck Yeah!

I seriously couldn’t keep up with going Mach V all the time if I never had down time or disconnected from my devices. There are actually times where I don’t even know where my phone is, especially on the weekends.

I’m also unreachable when I’m chillin’ with my three boys or coaching a soccer or baseball practice. That’s both my time, and their time to have my full attention. All of my personal time gets placed on my calendar and for those that are on my teams that have access to my schedule, then they understand that unless it’s an emergency, it can wait.

“Dude, I just texted you like three minutes ago, where are you man?”

There are times I might be off the grid, but in all honesty if you really need to get in touch with me, there’s someone who knows someone who can find me at any given moment if you really need to interject.

Disconnecting is just extremely important, and feeling like you have to check every status update, email message, or @ mention within seconds of a notification isn’t going to go well at some point. Trust me, it won’t be sustainable.

“I Heard That You Are Starting A New Podcast. What Audience Will This Particular Platform Be Targeting?”

Yes, I have been talking about a new launch coming up. So, just like I’ve always talked about keeping your head on a swivel and open to any kind of opportunity, I’m taking my own advice and expanding the reach beyond nurses. I’m also listening to the feedback of the community.

Many of you who are following me, especially over the last couple of years are not actually nurses. You’ve reached out to me for general business advice, tech tips and tricks, and personal branding questions as it pertains to your particular industry outside of the healthcare space.

I am still very much a nurse and don’t plan on ever changing that, but I am also an entrepreneur with a lot of projects and platforms that are outside of the healthcare space, and this obviously gets the attention of others that are also outside of the space. I’m flattered that many of you who are not nurses or any other kind of licensed healthcare professional think that it’s pretty cool that I’m a nurse, but that you’re also paying attention to my business acumen.

Nurses are highly trusted professionals and extremely versatile, which has opened many opportunities up to work with other professionals outside of this space. I love immersing myself in situations that go against what the “norm” dictates and even outside of my comfort zone a bit. However, to get back to the answer, I am launching a new brand where I talk about business, technology, and branding on a much broader scale that speaks to an audience outside of this purview.

It’ll will certainly be chocked full of content that’s helpful to many of the nurse entrepreneurs here, but we’ll be going wide and deep across many topics for a variety of budding and experienced entrepreneurs.

You are Nurse Rockstars!

So many of you are listening to the podcast and we can’t thank you enough for tuning in.

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