Top 5 Small Business Accounting Apps For iPhone

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Being a small business owner can be difficult during tax time. Businesses have more intensive taxes, but small business owners typically don’t have the money for an accounting department. If you want some help with your taxes, then try these five accounting apps. They are the best because they are useful, have many features and they will make your expenses much easier to track.


This app is great if you have difficulty tracking all of your expenses. While XpenseTracker is an open app that can track many expenses, it is specifically made to track mileage and expenses dealing with transportation. This is great because most small business owners have a difficult time tracking this expense. It can also save receipts so that you can easily export them to your desktop or preferred accounting software.


This is another app that can store photo receipts and track mileage, but iXpenseIt is much better at creating and tracking monthly budgets. This will be useful because you can watch your expenses throughout the month. You can also ensure that you aren’t going over your budget.

This app supports various currencies so that you can easily deal with international clients. It can also export all of your documents as HTML or CSV files. Nearly any computer can read these files.

BillMinder 3

This is the best app if you need help tracking your bills. Most of the other apps on this list give you a broad look at your expenses, but BillMinder 3 will remind you about your bills throughout the month. It will also track all of your expenses so that you can easily report them on your tax form. There are also graphs so that you can see if your spending is going up or down.

This app works with AirPrint. This means that you can easily print any graphs from a nearby printer. You can also backup the data to prevent it ever being erased due to technical problems.

Money Smart

If you need an overall accounting app that can track your revenue and expenses, then Money Smart might be the best app for your small business. This app can be used to automatically track how much money you are taking in and spending throughout the day. You can also search through your expenses to ensure that you paid your bills.

Money Smart can also be configured to work with more than one account. This is perfect if you have more than one business or multiple streams of income.

Money 5

Money 5 is an automated app that directly connects to your credit and debit card accounts so that you can track how much money is being used throughout the year. This app will also display the information as a simple bar graph so that you can take a quick look at your current financial situation.

Another useful feature is that Money 5 can track non-monetary assets. Most small business owners have a few of these, but they can be difficult to track. Money 5 has some tools that will make tracking the current value of these assets very easy.

While accounting is typically a hassle for small business owners, these five apps will make the job much easier. Most of these apps require very little user participation. This ensures that you can run your business without worrying about your finances.

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