The Rejuvenation Collaboration Twitter Party!

That’s right. The Rejuvenation Collaboration kick-off is tonight! If you haven’t already signed up to get your self-care on, you might want to stop what you’re doing and get on that. Go on, I’ll wait…

All set?

Okay, so tonight’s kick off is “Why Happiness Matters and How to Sustain It” with Dr. Maria Sirois at 8PM EST. I’ll certainly be there during the kick off event for my own personal self-care, but Innovative Nurse is also sponsoring the Apple iPad Mini Giveaway tonight. This event goes on for two weeks and the value of the content is immeasurable. Of course it is obviously what you make of it and you can really jumpstart some positive changes in your life and your career. Self-care is a 365, 24/7 commitment, but this iPad Mini Giveaway is just for tonight. So get on over to the RCIII kick-off, and hang out with us during the Twitter party.

Here are the instructions below as provided by Coach Elizabeth Scala:

It’s a RejuveNation Collaboration Party! #RejuvCollab Get ready to have some fun. You’re invited to a Twitter party during the RejuveNation Collaboration Kick-Off Event!! All you need is a Twitter account and the desire to have some fun!! Here’s what you do:

1. Go to
2. If you have a Twitter account, sign in using your name and password.
3. (If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can create one once you get to the tweet chat page).
4. Then choose the hash tag to follow for the event; in this case #RejuvCollab.
5. Start socializing and having some fun! The hash tag will automatically get added to your tweets
so all you have to do is enjoy yourself. The “room” will automatically update so you will see
what other partiers are tweeting about and you’ll be able to comment back to them or share
their tweets via “retweet”.
Let’s have some fun, people! I’ve been to some RN.FM Radio Twitter parties and they really are quite
entertaining, energizing, and a silly-fun good time!
@CoachScala: “See you all at the #RejuvCollab tweet chat!!”

You can also use an aggregator such as Hootsuite to keep up with the chat:

Hoosuite Screen Shot

I look forward to seeing you all there tonight, and I also look forward to my presentation on entrepreneurship Tuesday April 16th at 8PM EST. Have your questions and comments ready. This is going to be a blast and I dare you not to smile!

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