What Are QR Codes and How Can a Local Business Use Them?

Many people are upgrading their cell phones and becoming smart phone users. With the way technology is continually changing, regular cell phones are becoming a thing of the past. Smart phone users enjoy the uncomplicated navigation on Smart Phones and also like the fact that everything is easily accessible through Smart Phones. Now people are able to surf the internet from just about anywhere through their Smart Phones. Because of this, many local business owners have upgraded their websites so they are Smart Phone compatible, and have begun using marketing tools that link to the web via Smartphones, such as the QR Code discussed below.

It used to be that everywhere you’d look you’d find that local businesses advertise their website on flyers, banners, and business cards by including the URL for their website, i.e. www.localbusinessname.com. Now there’s a new call-to-action (CTA) technique many local businesses are using alongside their website URL. It’s called a QR code.

A QR code is a great way for any local business to optimize their CTA for Smart Phones users. Many people may have noticed a QR code, only not realizing what it really was. It basically looks similar to a bar code crammed into a square box. Any Smart Phone user with a QR app reader can easily scan a QR Code into their phone and use it.

If you’re a local business considering the option of having a QR code, they are quite simple to create. Use a search engine and type in “QR Code Maker” and a list of site will come up. A couple more popular sites include Microsoft Tag and Kaywa. There’ll be instructions on what to do and how to create the code. Once it’s created, test it out yourself before deciding where you’ll want to place it.

Once you’ve downloaded your working QR code, you can place it basically anywhere you advertise. Next time you’re out and about, look at advertisements on benches or on posters and you may get an idea of how many people use QR codes for their local business and where people have them placed. If you advertise via brochure, include it somewhere within. If you advertise using banners, include it somewhere on there.

For those of you who are Smart Phone users and are wondering how this works, there’s an app for it. Search QR Scanner and you should find the right app for your phone.

Many people find advertisements interesting, but are in a rush and don’t have time to write down or memorize the website pertaining to the advertisement. Those who have Smart Phones can pull up the QR scanner app and quickly scan the QR code so the website will be brought up in their phone while they are on the go, and they can also refer to it later. QR Codes also store valuable consumer data for analytics and research for your local business.

Chris Marentis, founder and CEO of the Surefire Social Marketing System, is a recognized expert in the field of local business marketing leveraging website development, local search engine optimization and social media marketing to generate leads and brand local businesses throughout the digital web.