Podcasting: Finding your Voice and Amplifying it

The Power of Podcasting isn’t just about amplifying your voice. It’s about connection. Podcasting is a powerful means in which to spread your message, tell your story, and even build community.

First, we should probably let you in on what a podcast actually is. So if you’re not one of the 142 million Americans that’s actually listened to a podcast, or one of the 67 million Americans that are tuning in on a monthly basis, then we’ve got a very simple definition.

A podcast simply defined.

A podcast is an on-demand Internet radio platform. This isn’t like traditional radio. These are digital audio files that can be streamed or downloaded on a variety of devices. They can also be consumed on your time. These devices are typically within arms reach, in your pocket or a handbag. We’re talking about smartphones here people and they are the primary means in which podcasts are consumed. Of course, there are listeners that are also tuning in on their tablets or computers through various podcast apps or through links embedded into websites.

Why would you want to consider podcasting?

First off, Nurses not only have some of the best stories to tell, we also have a wealth of knowledge to share with other clinical professionals. This knowledge and experience can translate into helping others find success in their careers and endeavors. In addition, patients often look to nurses for advice. We’re typically providing answers and bridging health education gaps for patients. More and more nurses are finding their voices and realizing that they can parlay this expertise into an insightful and educational show that may answer some of these basic questions that individuals have.

You don’t necessarily have to start a business or have a blog, but if you’re thinking about pursuing this type of platform or have an existing blog, adding a podcast can increase the visibility of your platform. Not only are you getting eyes on your blog, but you’re also getting content into the ears of your community.

Blogs are still very much a relevant means to provide content, and if you’re already delivering content in written form, repurposing that content into audio has never been easier than it is right now.¬†You’re grabbing that attention and in return you’re offering value in a format that allows people to be informed and entertained on the go. Not only that, your community can consume this content when it fits into their schedule with eyes on the road during a commute or taking a walk.

It’s all in the content marketing.

So let’s say that you do have a business or a brand that you’re wanting to promote. Content is king, great content is the queen, and delivering that value in a podcasting format can really help put your message or branding on the map. You could even find yourself blazing new trails and finding new territory on that map. A podcast has the potential of reaching an audience that you may otherwise not be able to reach through written form. Your audience gets to hear your voice, and yes, you’ll eventually get over your hang ups about how you sound. Listeners of your podcast will feel a deeper connection with you and the content you’re sharing because it’s in your voice, your tone.

The point of entry is easily accessible.

Even if you aren’t interested in starting a podcast about nursing or anything health related, you likely have a hobby or another skill set that someone else may be interested in hearing more about. Podcasters are sharing information about topics like fashion, finance, cooking, art, sports, and everything in between. The list really could go on.

You might be thinking that a lot of these podcasters are recording in a professional sound booth or studio, but many of them are recording right from their homes. It’s easy to start on a lean budget and technology has a much lower barrier to entry, even for those that don’t consider themselves tech-savvy.

You can start on a very lean budget. There are podcasters recording on their Android devices with an app like Audio Recorder


And for the iOS users, you can use a mobile app like BossJock Studio


Here’s the pitch.

First, let me say that this is in no way a comprehensive list of the “how” and “why” to start a podcast. Our publishing division of Pulse Media Group has put together an e-book, The Power of Podcasting. This resource will go into some further detail about getting started on your podcast endeavor.



In addition, we’re going even deeper into this powerful platform. Pulse Media Group will also be at the National Nurses in Business Association Conference in St. Pete Beach Florida September 8th-10th where we’ll be talking about the Power of Podcasting at our pre-conference event. Regardless of whether you attend the pre-con, we do hope that you’ll be attending this informative and collaborative conference. This venue will give you access to some of the most successful nurses in business, and you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with the podcasting experts to get your questions answered in person. Did we mention the conference is just a few short steps away from the beach?

Nurses, we really hope that you can make it to the NNBA conference not just because this is a “can’t be missed event,” but it is THE conference that will help you take your business and branding efforts to a much higher level.


Envision your own podcast.

Just in case you aren’t already tuning into podcasts, we’ve put together a small list of shows you may interested in and that could help inspire your start.

Nursing and health related podcasts:



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The Nurse Keith Show

Pop culture, entertainment, and education:

Crime Town

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Ear Hustle

Radio Lab