Pandora is Weaning the Free Listeners Down to 40 Hours a Month: Giveaway

If your work commute is quite significant, or if you’re a road warrior like me (at times), then you may have come to appreciate the value of Pandora’s free music streaming services. I sure have. There are days when I find myself in the office from early morning until late at night. If you haven’t seen my office, well, it’s parked outside.

My smartphone is also with me at all times and when I’m not talking, texting, or dictating a note for work then I’m streaming Pandora. According to a blog post from the Founder Tim Westergren:

Pandora Blog Post

So according to my calculations I may in fact be rolling with the less than 4% that Pandora mentions in their post. We don’t like to waste anything around here and I suppose I like to maximize my mobile bandwidth each month that I’m paying for. Looks like I might have to make a small investment of $36.00/year for Pandora One. Music has always been a staple in my own self-care practices, so for me it really is an investment I’m willing to make as I find that Pandora offers me the variety of music that I look for when it comes to a streaming service.

I know that some of you might be suggesting other music streaming platforms that are free, and yes, I’m signed up for those as well. Pandora is just my go-to solution each and every day. I happen to be streaming it on my desktop right now while I’m writing this post, although this of course doesn’t count against my monthly allotment. 

Does this policy change affect your Pandora streaming? If so, what are your thoughts on upgrading to a paid subscription? You of course could spread your streaming across various platforms to keep those free limits in check. Feel free to leave a comment below and one (1) random community member will be chosen to receive a one year Pandora One subscription on us. By commenting below and entering the giveaway, you are of course agreeing to the official rules here. We’ll announce a winner next Friday March 8th.