Should You Be Paid To Speak At A Conference?

A compelling question by Brittney Wilson¬†about whether it’s right, maybe even ethical for an organization holding a conference to not pay the speakers that are providing all of these valuable insights, especially to a paying audience. Not only that, what if the conference organizers not only will pay your fee, but they also expect you to cover the conference fees and your travel? Would you do it?

Well, I certainly have an opinion on this and simply put, STOP devaluing yourselves. You’re the experts and if the organization really wants to provide value to their attendees, then they need to open those pockets books and understand the value that you’re giving to their brands and to the attendees.

Are you contemplating speaking at a conference for little to no return? Here’s a video with a few more thoughts on that scenario:


  1. elizabeth scala on April 3, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    I saw this conversation and the responses that followed. I thank you for your post, video and position in this case. I hold the same opinion. In order to create even more prestige and expertise in our profession, we must value ourselves and the knowledge, skills and education we have. Even if someone is starting out as a new speaker, they have worth. They have the education, training, life experience and skills to help the people in whatever audience they are to speak to. We must stand up for being paid, and paid well, for what we do. My business coach always says, “If they want it… they’ll find a way to pay for it.” Saying, “We don’t have the money” is just an excuse. And one that a confident, professional speaker can work around. Thank you, Kevin. Because of people like you, Brittney and the other nurse speakers out there standing up for our profession I’ve been able to go out there with my own courageous self-esteem. Thank you!

  2. WorldNursingJob on October 3, 2014 at 2:54 am

    Great video, thanks for sharing. Nursing is not just a profession someone would consider easy. Nursing is a path of life once chooses. Nurses work hard more than you could imagine. Paying them well on even a short talk can surely make them truly inspire other nurses.

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