Organizing and Taking Care of Your Work Clothes

Being a nurse doesn’t always equate to working in an environment where scrubs are the standard attire, although this contributing article has a couple of nuggets of information about caring for your scrubs. Regardless of  what you’re putting on before heading out the door, what you do ahead of time will help you look the part and ready to represent. 

Contributing Author: Joe Whyte

Whether starting a new job, or just whipping your wardrobe into shape, it is always a good idea to keep your work clothes organized and in good shape.

Many people own so many clothes they don’t even remember what they own. But getting your wardrobe in order and caring for it can make getting ready for work quick, easy and out the door looking your best. No matter what your job, putting forward a professional appearance is essential.

Organized closet

Organizing Your Clothes

Before you can assess your work wardrobe – women AND men, you first have to know what you have in your closet and drawers. Set aside a day when you can accomplish your goal of organizing, or you will only find more of a mess. Take everything out and sort it by type. When you have everything sorted by type, now comes the hard part. Get two bags for the stuff that’s going out the door. One for trash and one for donation.

If you are honest with yourself, you may find that you have a lot of clothes that you wouldn’t really wear, are ready for the trash, or that someone gave you that you hate. Keeping things because they were gifts can clutter our closets. If you wouldn’t wear it – let it go to someone who will wear it. If the clothing is in bad shape, torn, frayed, or stained – again, let it go.

Once you have sorted everything take action right away. Put the trash out, and put the bags in the car for donation. Even if you can’t drive to a donation box right away, getting them out of the house prevents them from getting mixed back into your laundry.

Now to organize what you have left.

Decide on what system works best for you. Learn Vest suggests creating and following a rainbow. Each day has a color and pick an outfit each day that has that color. By stepping out of your normal shades, you will find yourself wearing clothes that you may not have selected before and like it. However you decide to organize your clothing, create a system that works for you and that you will stick with.

Caring For Work Clothes
Your work wardrobe can be a large investment. Taking care of it is important step to help it hold up. Before purchasing an item, always read the tag about care. If you are okay with clothes that require dry cleaning, go for it. Sorting colors and delicates out from other clothes is important. Items such as medical scrubs or Cherokee scrubs that can bleed at first and stain your clothes, keep separated, too

Washing in cold water when possible can help your wardrobe stay brighter and last longer. A Nurse’s World recommends that if you work in a medical field, soaking your colored scrubs and uniforms in cold water with a tablespoon of vinegar and soak white scrubs in hot water. Using a mild anti-bacterial detergent on medical apparel without fabric softener is the best. For those not in the medical field, a mild detergent is best.

The dryer can be clothing’s worst nightmare. If possible, hanging out clothes to dry is best. Bright sunlight is a killer for any bacteria remaining on clothes. If you don’t have a sunny spot outside to dry your clothes, always set your dryer on the lowest setting possible. Hanging your clothes in your shower or bathroom to dry is okay if your bathroom is well ventilated.

Keeping your clothes clean and organized can keep you looking your best with less effort. How you dress reflects how you view yourself and how you view your job. If you are looking your best, it shows you care about your job and yourself.

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