Something old, Something new

Hey there community,

I’ve been wanting to attempt something new here at Innovative Nurse and leap ahead with my social media platforms. Now, this isn’t necessarily cutting edge stuff or anything, but I’m always trying to tweak things a bit to see what works.

So, in an attempt to create more content, I am doing a trial run of recapping some topics that are of interest (at least to me they are), and possibly reviewing a few products or services. This doesn’t necessarily sound innovative I realize, but just roll with me here. To create more content for the community,  I’m recording one long video that will be embedded below, and from that video I will break up sections of it so that you can just skip to what you think is pertinent or interesting to you. The lengthy version may have a rant or two in there.

You love my rants, don’t you?

The links to the other videos and the topics I’ve discussed are below this video embed.



HIPPA and Social Media:

Link to the shorter YouTube Video

#RNchat Discussion

The Nerdy Nurse

National Council of State Boards of Nursing

Nurse Up and Amanda Trujillo

Link to the shorter YouTube Video


App Review:

Link to the shorter YouTube Video




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