Five Office Chair Types That Can Make or Break Your Staff

Are you sitting down for this? According to a study done by the Medical Billing and Coding Organization, sitting for extended periods of time can lead to severe health problems. However, sitting in the wrong position or at the wrong angle is even worse. Surprisingly, sitting at a 70 degree angle, or leaning forward, and sitting straight up at a 90 degree angle puts a significant amount of pressure on your back. Instead, sitting back at a 135 degree angle relieves that pressure and increases blood flow.

Back pain is one of the most common complaints from people who sit all day. Back pain also leads into neck and shoulder strain and headaches. Luckily, strain on your back is one of the easiest things to fix. If you suffer from back pain after sitting for extended periods of time at work, start by making a conscious effort to get up and walk or move as much as possible. Then look to your office chairs. Often times, these are the easiest pieces of furniture to replace and can make the biggest difference towards a change that will immediately improve your health and the health of your office.

The following are a few comfortable office chairs that will help reduce the strain on your back and improve how you feel at work almost immediately.

1. Chairs with Lower Lumbar Support

The first chair to look for when finding a chair to support your back is one with lower lumbar support. This will reduce the amount of pressure put on your back from sitting too upright or leaning too far forward. Many of these chairs will also adjust to specific placement of lumbar support so that you can create the perfect chair for your body.

2. Chairs That Encourage Movement

By sitting in a chair that moves back and forth, your back can extend as far back as needed, and you can feel more comfortable to move more naturally.

3. An Exercise Ball Chair

Exercise balls are used to align your back and teach your body to use your core to sit up straighter. They are a great addition to a regular office chair and encourage proper posture.

4. A Kneeling Chair

This is another alternate sitting style that encourages the kneeling position. Find a kneeling chair with a back rest too, and you have a perfect ergonomic solution. 

 5. A Rocking Stool

This unique type of office chair encourages continual motion while at the office. It is flexible and helps you move around, but it is also designed to eliminate the fear of falling.

While sitting may be inevitable at your job, it does not mean that you must suffer back pain and headaches. With the right chair, you can improve your health almost immediately and your comfort at work.

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