Scholarship Opportunities for Nursing School

Nurses play a critical role in every patient’s life. Individuals encounter nurses from the moment they are born to the moment we take our last breath. The role of a nurse is evolving in healthcare from assessing patients, identifying issues, implementing interventions, and following up on outcomes. These skills are only a fraction of what nurses possess. It’s common to also see nurses as advocates and cheerleaders for patients, helping them strive for better health. These strong, courageous individuals deserve the best education money can buy. If you look far enough, you’ll see the money is out there for you to live out your dream.

Consider scholarships, for example. Many scholarships are based on the particular type of nursing you are interested in, such as rehabilitation nursing or critical-care nursing. Other scholarships may be based on GPA, your amount of courses completed or your level as a student—depending if you’re considered a junior or a senior. Whatever the case, read the fine print carefully. If an essay is to be written, have two or more sets of eyes read it—and make all changes.

What scholarships are available? Take a look at these:

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) offers continuing professional developmental scholarships to students. This scholarship is intended for those who want to go beyond their academic education and continue to learn. Students will have the ability to travel and experience other avenues of nursing, picking up valuable life lessons along the way. Those that apply to this scholarship may also receive a travel fund to help assist in paying for travel-related activities.

American Assembly for Men in Nursing also offers a worthy scholarship for those men that attend nursing school. The student must be a member of the organization, and they must be enrolled in a licensed nursing program. Also, they must have completed at least one year of school before this type of scholarship will be awarded. They offer quite a few different scholarships, but each are worth a close, in-depth look to seek where you save money on your education.

If you live on an Indian reservation, then you may want to check out the Indian Health Service (IHS). This scholarship program is open to American Indian and Alaska Native Americans that are enrolled in nursing programs. Over 7,000 student have received scholarships since it established in 1978. Many of these students have returned to their tribes to work as medical professionals. In order to be awarded this scholarship, students have to agree to a two-year service commitment within an Indian health program, which for many, may be going home after they graduate.

On another note, students may want to check out the Army Nurse Corps. Not only will you get to practice as a medical professional, but you’ll get to travel the world. All they ask of you, as a current student, is that you report for active duty. You’ll be paid a competitive salary and have a bright future serving the country. Also, you may eligible for a sign-on bonus and receive money to pay off your student debt. is another scholarship of which you should apply. This is given to a full-time student that has documented disability. There are various scholarships within this one site. For instance, there is the Anna May Rolando Scholarship. It’s generally given to graduate nursing students whom work with those that have disabilities. There is also the Bruno Rolando Scholarship, which is awarded to a nursing student working at a Veteran’s hospital. The Jill Laura Creedon Scholarship is awarded to a student with a disability or medical challenge, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. These are only a few; there are many others.

The Annual Senior Care Innovation Scholarship is awarded to students who intend to help elderly people. These types of nursing may include occupational therapy, physical therapy or social work. The scholarship will be awarded to a U.S. citizen or a citizen of Canada who is taking classes at an accredited college. All that is needed is an essay on how they will improve the life of seniors. If you’re awarded this scholarship, it’s worth $1,000 toward your nursing education.

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship is a final scholarship not to miss. They are giving away 40 scholarships to students who achieve academic excellence and display a dedication to caring for others. These students may be going to school to work in the maternity nursery or assist a doctor in the emergency room, but it’s important they strive to compassionately help others.

These scholarships are going to help you achieve your goals and dreams within the medical profession. Explore all of them and you’ll be way on your way to a successful career. Nurses are always needed in one capacity or another, and it’s vital they are educated well.


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