Nurses, answer that call light

It’s review time here at Innovative Nurse. Yes, I’m compelled to share my opinion with you about something that I just read. In fact, I just finished reading it, totally crushed the “pages” on my iPad only to want more. I couldn’t put it down. Kids screaming in the background, “when are we going to finish decorating the house!?”

“How about you get started, and I’ll be there to help in a minute.” How bad could it be? They’re 6, 5, and 3 1/2. It’s not like they’re climbing up on the ladder to hang lights on the house, right? (quick peak outside just to make sure)

Here’s the reason for my “parenting from a distance.”

So, I now realize that I’ve had the fortunate pleasure to stumble upon a fellow nurse entrepreneur in the blogoshpere shouting her message about entrepreneurship to anyone within reach. With Blogs, Twitter, Facebook pages and the like, you can definitely have a pretty big reach. Now it seems that she’s just released an eBook, 5 Things They Never Told You in Nursing School by Anna Morrison, BSN, RN. You can also check out Anna’s blog at I’m sure I’ll speak more about her blog another time. Today’s post is about the book.

So, let me first say that I really enjoyed this read. The words just fell off the pages as if she was in the room speaking directly to me. Secondly, to all of you skeptical nurses out there that think a book like this only discusses get rich quick schemes, next to impossible business ideas that will never take off, or that there is no way you have this kind of potential in you, Stop it!

Let me start off with a disclaimer here. I do not know Anna personally or professionally (but now I want to), and she didn’t solicit me directly except to announce on Twitter that her book is available, which gives you additional insight into the power of social media. I’m always hungry for content that is relevant to my tastes, and I consume it at every opportunity. Anna just served up something special that started off my day in the right direction—motivation.

As I create content for Innovative Nurse and the YouTube channel, I’m always looking for better ways to package up all of this information and give it to you in various formats so that you can consume it in a way that fits your style. Anna has done a tremendous job with packaging up some of her content, and giving it you in an easy to understand way that I hope will get you off your duff and start planning that business idea. Now, this isn’t a step by step manual that’s going to guide you through the process, but really includes a few examples of real nurses out there working with more freedom, fulfillment, and passion for what they’re doing day to day. It’s about giving you some insight on what it takes to become a nurse entrepreneur, and realizing that it’s easier than you might think. We already have those skills just by being a nurse.

I have been a nurse entrepreneur for over 4 years now. My company stands alone, and I started it at my (at the time) dining room table. The only W-2 that I receive is the one that my company gives to me, not a hospital, or another organization working as an employee. Being a nurse entrepreneur is a very real, and viable option for nurses. From what I’ve gleaned from Anna’s book, her blog, and various social media outlets, she and I seem to want more of us out there hanging our own shingle. I am proud to be a nurse and very satisfied that I chose this profession (3 careers later), but professionally, I can barely contain the enthusiasm I have when it comes to having the opportunity of being a nurse entrepreneur. Why wouldn’t I want that for you too?

Even though I’m out there successfully running my own business, it doesn’t give me an excuse to stop looking for ways to innovate as an entrepreneur, a nurse, and the facilitator of this community. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, or an experienced and savvy business owner, download this eBook. I did.

If you’re truly looking for some words of wisdom, motivational statements, a philosophy that speaks to you in a way that helps you think about those next steps, then I think this read is a great first step. Nurses, now more than ever is the time to do something for yourselves, your patients, and to help elevate this profession to its potential. Do you notice that nagging call light that’s been on for quite awhile that you haven’t had the time to answer? That’s opportunity, you better get on it.

Anna, the overall message of your book is spot on. You go girl! I look forward to more publications.

Now, I’m going to get back to being Clark Griswold and get those decorations up. I think my kids are out there using the candy canes as light sabers.


  1. AnnaMorrison on December 11, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Wow…Kevin! You’re right! You and I have never met, but, guess what?! Now, I really want to meet you too! You and I are *obviously* kindred nurse entrepreneur spirits! (Try saying that fast 10 times!) I am deeply honored for this huge surprise of a review….definitely didn’t see this coming and I’m thrilled you loved the book! There’s nothing in the world that makes me prouder than being a nurse, but there’s nothing more exhilarating than being an entrepreneur! You combine the two and, “Watch out, world!” I’m so glad we’ve finally “met” in cyber space! Great things to come! Rock on, brother, rock on!

  2. Anna Morrison, BSN, RN, Speaker, Author, Coach, I Coach Nurses, I Coach Nurses Blog, EntrepreNurse, nursing forum, nursing association, nursing associations, nursing blogs, nursing forums, allnurses, all nurses, american nurses association, board of nursi on December 11, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    […] you’re thinking about downloading it, but the $0.99 feels a little steep (lol!), here’s a totally unsolicited review by another nurse blogger whom I’ve never met, except that we follow each other on Twitter […]

  3. innovativenurse on December 11, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Anna, it is of course my pleasure to help you with your reach to other nurses. It’s going to take a village, and this is one of the main reasons why I started Innovative Nurse. I hope to be able to collaborate with you to get our message out there. These are really exciting times to be a nurse, and an entrepreneur.

  4. AnnaMorrison on December 11, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    Definitely exciting times! And I’ve actually got a few ideas for collaboration already! Let’s talk soon!

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