Being A Nurse Now Requires A GPS: So Many Different Directions

Alternative nursing careers. We hear quite often as of late that although there’s a nursing shortage, it’s still difficult to obtain employment. Well, maybe it’s due to boxing ourselves into what we think we’re supposed to be doing as nurses and perusing the limited job openings at area hospitals. We’ve mentioned quite often on RN.FM Radio (check out Carmen Kosicek’s 8/26 broadcast) that working in a hospital isn’t the only way to obtain employment, gain valuable experience, and in some cases the opportunity for growth outside of these traditional systems can often be unlimited.

There is in fact something more to you as a nurse than those med-surg skills. You’re multi-layered, multi-talented, and gosh darn it I bet people like you. So what are some areas of nursing that you can pursue and where do you find these jobs? Hold on for the news flash in just a moment. I will tell you that I have some inside knowledge about a few of these alternative careers out there that are paying a very comfortable six-figure salary and they don’t require a graduate degree. Of course I realize that it’s not always about a higher salary as some of you might be after a better balance in your personal and professional lives.

I always have to remind the community here that if you are interested in self-employment, then you may be able to start a consulting business offering the same services you’re providing as an employee. I mention it often, so I’ll just leave well enough alone, for now.

So instead of heading to your local newspaper and scouring the classified ads section, you may want to think about changing your search venue over to another platform. On our show Carmen mentioned Glassdoor as a platform to search jobs that may fit your expertise, values, desire for more autonomy and career advancement. Sign me up!

glassdoorActually I’d recommend you sign up over at Glassdoor. I’ve been a member of this platform for quite awhile now and it offers insight not only on available jobs, but also gives valuable information about the companies offering those jobs. This additional information includes a company overview, salaries for various positions, interview details, and reviews from employees. Transparency is key in any business and there’s no business like trying to find a job. That in itself can be a full-time commitment and Glassdoor helps streamline the process. After breaking out of the box you’ve put yourself in, it’s now time to get creative with your search.

With a simple “nurse consultant” search, the results range from advance practice nursing jobs and lactation consulting to clinical consulting on medical devices and software applications used in traditional and non-traditional settings. “Insurance Nurse” offers up a few options ranging from utilization review:

Job Description: Responsible for determining the correct level of care. Serves as a liaison between the hospital and external payers on issues related to severity of illness and intensity of service for patients to insure reimbursement. Insures appropriate utilization of hospital services.

There’s also a listing for a field case management nurse:

Responsible for assessment, planning, coordination, implementation and evaluation of injured/disabled individuals involved in the medical case management process. Working as an intermediary between carriers, attorneys, medical care providers, employers and employees, you will closely monitor the progress of the injured worker and report results back to the employer and insurance carrier. This will ensure appropriate and cost-effective healthcare services leading to a medically rehabilitated individual who is ready to return to an optimal level of work and functioning.

Nurse Tablet_Alternative Careers

Another search for “nurse biotech” resulted in a nurse educator position with a job description below:

The Nurse Educator is a field -based healthcare professional, representing a major Pharmaceutical company, who is responsible for providing education, training, clinical in-services, and information regarding an injectable pharmaceutical product to Rheumatology and Gastro-Intestinal offices.  The Nurse Educator will facilitate, organize, and deliver education on the product for health care staff and facilitate roundtable discussion groups with nurses and physicians, on various topics related to the product.  Education will be done through presentations and workshops.

Now I didn’t want this post to necessarily be about Glassdoor, but I did want to open the door to your current approach a little so that you could expand your view of what’s really out there. So unless that box is made of glass, you might want to consider looking through something a little more transparent that gives you some insight on the plethora of opportunities and potential career advancement you so deserve.

Get creative with your search and don’t hold yourself back. Under all of those layers you’re bound to find a company that values your true worth and contributions to the team.

Be sure to let us know how your search is going.


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  1. selfemployedMSN on September 16, 2013 at 10:05 am

    Loved your focus on this topic. It really encouraged me and got me thinking about ways to expand my approach. You are right. When searching for job opportunities we tend to following the same old process as always. So, metaphorically speaking; Open as many different doors as you can until you find what you need on the other side. Why keep opening the same few doors, when what you need in never on the other side? Thanks!

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