Nix Digital Photo Frame, Not Just for the Tech Enthusiast

If you’re like me, then you’re probably always capturing photos and video of your family and friends on your smartphone or digital camera. You then have the option to upload all of this media either to the cloud or post it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, or similar platforms. You probably know that it’s pretty easy to share all of this media, and if you haven’t been sharing these moments, well most devices today are fairly intuitive and make it pretty simple.

What happens however when you have a family member who doesn’t have a device or access to these various platforms we’re constantly sharing our latest experiences? It sounds a little something like this.

“When are you going to send me some pictures of those kids?”

“I heard from your sister that Flynn hit a home run. Sure wish I could see the video sometime before he graduates from high school.”

If only our smartphones could print these photos and ship them out for us. I realize there are many services out there that you can upload photos to and they will in turn print and ship them just about anywhere. This too is getting a little easier in how it’s integrated with various photo sharing applications, but I’ve found that a digital photo frame might in fact be a better option to share these precious moments.

One of the target demographics that came to mind was an individual who may have a cognitive deficit (either acute, or a slow progression) that might actually benefit from being able to see photos of loved ones on a device that can vividly display this type of media without the confusion of added keyboards, touchscreen operability, and a complex operating system that might freeze up. The Nix X10D is literally a plug and play device that can bring these memories to those who need it the most without the need for additional bells and whistles that we’ve come to expect from tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Someone with a cognitive deficit still may need assistance with the initial setup, however once this is completed (easily) then they will be able to have easy viewing access at any time.

Here are the specs of the Nix X10D Digital Photo Frame according to the site:

Nix X10D

I also posted a video discussing the potential use for individuals who do in fact have limited or no access to the sharing platforms that many of use everyday. Personally, this device will be appreciated by my mother-in-law and she’s also fortunate enough to have another family member help her with the setup and use of this device. We can now send her SD cards filled with our kids’ photos, recitals, and sporting events.

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