5 Things You Can Do to Celebrate Nurse Appreciation Week

Very few people would deny that nurses are the lifeline of the healthcare field. They provide support to both patients and doctors, in a wide variety of ways, and are responsible for the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities. For those reasons, there is an entire week devoted to honoring nurses and all they do for us. If you are a doctor or a manager who relies on the support of nurses, then there are some great ways you can show them how much they mean to you. Here are five things you can do to celebrate nurse appreciation week:

Massages. Nurses spend a lot of their time and energy caring for others. By treating them to a professional massage, you are paying them back with some much-needed pampering. Ask local massage therapists what kind of discount you can get for purchasing massage passes for your entire nursing team.

Gift certificates. By giving gift certificates to a restaurant or store, you are giving your nurses the chance to focus on themselves (for a little while, at least). Make it a point to ask around, in an inconspicuous way, for everyone’s favorite things, and then try to customize your gift certificate purchases to each of your nurses.

A keepsake book. Put together a scrapbook of your nurse’s photos, quotes, and memorable experiences, milestones, and achievements. Send what you have to a printer that specializes in creating keepsake books, and then give a book to each of your nurses. Not only does this gift show that you are paying attention, but it also shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to show that you care.

Throw a nurse appreciation party. Or even just a long lunch. Have it catered and make it fun, with prize drawings and games. Plan this out in advance to make it something special and memorable. Be sure to send out formal invitations, so that each of your nurses on staff can plan on being there, and choose a time for your party when you know everyone is either off work or due for a break.

Gift baskets. Put together some gift baskets containing a multitude of special treats for your nurses. Again, it is a good idea to gather a wish-list early on, and then to tailor each gift basket to the recipient. Try to vary your gift basket constituents, including things that are practical alongside more luxury items. Don’t forget to make it pretty!

Remember that National Nurses Week begins on May 6, so you will want to start your planning now. Draw inspiration from this list of great ways you can celebrate the nurses on your staff.

About the Author: Brittanie Parlato is a medical billing specialist in a major hospital. She sees how hard nurses work and knows they deserve some extra recognition from time to time! A career in medical billing is a great way to help people without getting involved in hands on patient care.


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