iTriage, can you look at this rash?

So I’ve had the opportunity to use a great little app in my business, iTriage. It’s not just a great little app because it’s free (sure is a bonus though), but it really helps me augment the care I deliver to my patients.

As I’ve state before, I work in the community and certainly have other medical professionals I can defer questions to, but iTriage is a genuine tool that helps me with my own assessments, and provides an interactive and visual teaching tool that I can use while working with patients in the field.

iTriage comes in two OS flavors, Android, and iOS. You can check out the site and download from here, or just go to the Android Market or iTunes on your device. I recorded a demo of what the app is capable of and you can check this out below:

I didn’t realize how long this review was as this was part of a much larger video, but you’ll get a pretty good idea of what this app can do.

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