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So in the previous episode of why to curate content, we discussed the issue with actually creating “fresh” content from the ground up for your budding or thriving platforms that takes quite a bit of resource to implement. Now curation shouldn’t be seen as a shortcut where you just randomly post content without vetting it.

Sharing with your communities has to still remain authentic and informative. Whether it’s something you’ve created or curated, make it high value. Alright, so now it’s time to get into a few nuts and bolts about how to effectively start curating content and creating engagement. The list isn’t exhaustive as I don’t want to go into every tool and trick available, but I’m sharing with you what works for us here at Innovative Nurse and our other platforms.

Can I use someone else’s content on my platforms?

Simply put, the author posted it onto the InterNets so it’s basically fair game, however with a few caveats. Curation needs to be handled very carefully here. When sharing, reposting, or quoting someone else’s content it is vital that you make certain credit is given where it is due. If you’re using something on your platforms make sure it points back to the original source and/or that the author is linked or “mentioned” depending on the platform you’re sharing it. Also, read any of the fine print on copyright statements on said platform you’re curating from.

If you’re creating an infographic or some other piece of content from sources not easily found in the online spheres in which we’re hanging out, then be sure to acknowledge the source of what you’re curating. Even the print material.

Also, do not ever use word-for-word someone else’s blog post on your own platform. What I mean is, don’t copy an entire article from another source and paste it onto your own, even if you’re giving credit. Google does not like this in the least bit as it appears as if the content is being “regurgitated” and that the author is attempting to take advantage of certain SEO benefits with specific keywords.

Rather, you’re better off quoting a section from the original post, adding some of your own perspective, and still linking back to the original content. No copying and pasting the entire article, capiche?


What content am I curating?

Try to find content that is related to your brand or mission. This can include:

  • Industry specific news, blog posts, related events
  • Videos that again, align with your mission
  • Content shared or created by your community
  • Tweets, Facebook posts, and Pins to name a few (more on this in a moment)

What tools should I use to curate?

As mentioned before we’re not going too deep on everything that’s available, but I will share the tools we use. All of these tools have some type of free offering if not completely free, but there are a few more bells and whistles you’ll get with a small investment that I am certain you’ll recoup from all of the time you’ll save. One thing I do mention in this podcast is, are you a part of a mastermind group of content creators? That’s a great place to start with curation.

Google Alerts

If this isn’t an obvious one, then it is now. This is a free service that is so easy to use. Head over to and plug in a search query that you’re interested in. If you’re already logged in to a Google account, it’ll default to your email address and send you alerts when relevant content contains those keywords you entered. You don’t have to create alert where you receive emails as it will show relevant topics within the search box, but creating the alerts just allows for a bit more automation.  


This is a simple web-based RSS reader where you can search for any topic that you’d find anywhere in the spheres and have it aggregated right there where you get an easy preview, and then an “easier” slider comes across the page to allow you to read the content, and share.

Use it without an account, or sign up and start categorizing your favorites to keep an eye on things for you and your community. Once you find something you’d like to share, just click on the icons for your favorite platform flavors and boom, you’ve just shared it. 


Now if you’ve got multiple social media platforms like I do, then you understand that keeping up with all of those platforms can suck up a lot of your time. So, when you get set up with an account here, then start setting up your social streams in the “streams” section of Hootsuite. As outlined in the video, I show you the various social streams and capabilities of not only keeping up with platforms, but to also aggregate relevant content that you can reshare right from the platform itself.






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