Head to the Polls! Virtually that is.

Social Media Nurse of the yearIf you’ve been following things around here then you know that thanks to Ian Miller of ImpactedNurse (and Keith Carlson for nominating me) that I’m a candidate for Social Media Nurse of the year. I want to thank each and every one of you who have voted for me, and also those individuals who have also re-tweeted, posted, +1, or shared on your own timelines about this campaign. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I suppose I should start stepping it up a bit myself and hitting the “campaign trail” as any decent candidate would do. Maybe I’m taking this a little too seriously, you think?

NAH! This is fun!

So, for all you nurses (and non-nurses) out there I can only hope that I in some way have provided you in the past, present, and hopefully future with something valuable that has made an impact on your personal or professional lives. All of these side projects as I used to call them are now becoming something really significant and you will be seeing more of me in 2013 making every attempt to advocate for this profession. Because of my social media presence, I have had the opportunity to meet and in some cases forge lasting relationships with quite a few of you out here.

In my spare time, You can find me on Twitter @innovativenurse engaging with many of you tweeps out there about the latest news, trends, and hot topics both in business and healthcare. And, I can’t forget about my passion for technology. There’s no way that would slip by without at least a nod. I also spend a little time over on Facebook following and sharing content from many of your timelines, groups, and FB pages. There’s definitely still a lot of engagement going on over there on Facebook despite these other platforms. You know who I’m talking about.

Catch me over on Google Plus where I’m circling influential businesses and individuals who are sharing great content. Give them a +1 and circle them too. Of course I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this last year has been with Keith Carlson over at RN.FM Radio where we continue to interview some of the greatest thought leaders, innovators, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and advocates in the industry. If you can’t catch us live on Monday evenings at 9PM EST, then be sure to listen to our archived shows. I’m 99.9% sure that there is something on this show that you’ll find engaging.

I obviously can’t forget about my place over here at Innovative Nurse. This is really where and how my social media presence began. It is the podium in which I communicated to the world, or at least the two or three people that were following me in the beginning. When I started Spire Health Partners over five years ago and I took it from my dining room table with one client and continued to build the brand where we now provide a variety of consulting services to many organizations and individuals, I knew I wanted to share this with others who were looking for a change.

At the very least I just want nurses to feel excited again about what they are doing whether as an entrepreneur or a successful employee within an entity that supports them professionally. Whether you believe it or not for whatever reason, there are choices available and you do have a voice. I’ll do what I can to help, I can point you in the direction of other nurses out there such as Andrew Lopez or Carol Gino who are helping nurses find their voices, and together we can help amplify them.

Now go out there and make a choice. VOTE FOR PEDRO KEVIN ROSS!

Voting will close on Friday December 21st.

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