Haute couture just helps you feel better.

Let me first start this post by thanking all of you who follow the community here at Innovative Nurse. To those who reach out via all of the platforms I frequent, I do pay attention. One new follower(s) on Twitter, @annieandisabel really got my attention this past week. I’m often intrigued by what other nurse entrepreneurs are doing to blaze their own trails. It seems this sister team Anna and Selena, both Registered Nurses, have come to an understanding that being in a hospital or other clinical setting doesn’t have to be an unfashionable experience. Stylish and hospital gowns aren’t typically used in the same sentence unless of course you’re just poking fun.

“Honey, you look amazing. You’re glowing. Mint green and pink are definitely your colors. Makes me think of my grandmother’s butter mints she kept in the dish by the front door. Ah, fond memories.”

So, it appears that a new business, Annie and Isabel® is on the scene to raise the bar on how we look and feel while on the mend. The owners, Anna and Selena, drew their inspiration from great-grandmother Annie, and grandmother Isabel for both the name of their company and their chosen paths as Registered Nurses.

As experienced RN’s, these women were able to take a hospital compliant gown that offers accessibility for clinical procedures, while at the same time making it look “sharp” for that potential I.V. insertion. Afraid you’re promoting a direct view of your tush when walking the halls? Not if you’re wearing one of these gowns that covers the back and ties on the side. This is a direct to consumer product, which can be purchased on their site. Also, If you’re curious how you would even choose the correct size for your body type, well they’ve got a very simple and handy sizing guideline to follow.

According to Annie and Isabel’s gown features section:

  • Our gowns are made of comfortable 100% high quality cotton and are trimmed with beautiful grosgrain ribbon.
  • The inverted pleat in the front adds style.
  • The inside side pocket will keep essentials handy….cell phone, lip gloss etc.
  • Gowns wrap abound and tie on the side for full back coverage.
  • Shoulder snaps provide easy access for IV lines and are convenient for nursing mothers.
  • Gowns fall to mid-calf length on most people, providing extra security and comfort.
  • Sizes available in XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL, and available in Pregnancy sizes too!
  • Our gowns meet hospital standards.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

As nurses we strive to meet the need of the whole patient and keep our fingers on the pulse of every situation that occurs. Whether you’ve been hospitalized, having a baby, fighting the good fight against cancer, or entering end of life, it doesn’t all have to be a painful process. I have to admit that I certainly feel better when I’m wearing something that showcases my own personality. Don’t you?

One of the concerns that patients always used to convey to me was that they were frustrated with losing some of that control either with their schedules, or more importantly, what’s going on with their bodies. I want to reiterate that our hope for you is that your experience is as painless as possible while in our care, however this solution seems like a great way to get back some of that control. We will more than likely still have to wake you up before the sun rises to get an assessment and administer medications, but at least you can grumble about not getting any sleep while dressed in high fashion.

Something I’d also like to note is that according to their site, Annie and Isabel® donates a set number of designer gowns to those in need all over the U.S. through the Feel Better Campaign. Anna and Selena receive many inspirational stories about the influence of their gowns via email, mail, and social media. Just another way that these nurses are giving back. They certainly have my support.

Oh, and one more thing Anna and Selena, as a tech enthusiast you know I love the option of that inside side pocket for my cell. I wouldn’t dare forgo my Twitter updates during my recovery would I?

Okay hot mommas, there’s no need to let it all hang out, but if you must, then do it in style. Are you filling your virtual shopping cart yet? Let me know what you think.

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