Happy Nurses Week: How’s Your Week Going So Far?


We of course celebrate nurses everyday around here, and over at RN.FM Radio. Have you gotten involved in our #NurseGive giveaways yet? Well it is definitely not too late. We’re running them all week.

I really just wanted to take the opportunity to honor each and everyone of you out there for the incredible supports you’re providing to our healthcare system.  I’ve made the occasional reference to this aforementioned system as fractured, but it is you, the nurses who are helping mend this overarching mission to provide safe patient care without antipathy (although I know that our patience can certainly be challenged).


Your talents, creativity, and  compassion extends beyond just caring for your patients. This ability to meld a complex science of medicine with the skill and heart of nursing promotes a higher level of healing.

You are vital to the infrastructure of healthcare, an extension of your patients and their families, an advocate for positive change, and the compass that leads the way. Making a difference may be a common statement for nurses, but the impact of your presence can cast a ray of hope among those that need you the most.

I am proud to be in your presence as a colleague and an ambassador for sustained health.

Care for yourself this week, and each and every week thereafter.  Model what you teach, laugh, cry, smile until it hurts, and make time for YOU.

I’ll see you out there on the front lines.




  1. elizabeth scala on May 10, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    LOVE IT! My favorite part of this post was when you said “model what you teach”. And then you write “make time for you”. So my take on this- model what we teach, model that we take care of ourselves, model wellness for our patients. Let us be inspired and empowered to take care of ourselves first. Take breaks. Take time. Take rest. Take “be”. Pause. Breathe. Allow. I love how you wrote laugh, cry, smile until it hurts. There is no need for us to be “superwomen/men” any longer. We can trust in the sacred space of rest, knowing that taking care of self will help us better take care of others. We can take pause and allow ourselves to receive as much as we give. Thank you, Kevin. This post is very, very well-written and wonderful! Happy Nurses Week!

  2. innovativenurse on May 13, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    elizabeth scala Just a little public appreciation for my fellow nurse. Glad you liked it.

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