Google Translate, I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.

Google Translate has been a great little tool in my business, and I think it could be an extremely beneficial tool for all of you nurses out there that work in the field and don’t have easy access to a translator.

So, have you ever found yourself working in the community with a new patient that didn’t speak your primary language? Maybe you were just unaware of the language barrier based on the information that you had at the time, or the family member that was going to help you translate was unable to be there. Whatever the case, let’s say that you’ve shown up to your patient’s house and you at least need to gather some information and assess the situation so that you can determine some next steps. This app also gives you the ability to write down instructions (in their native language).

I of course have to give you [My Disclaimer]: Now keep in mind that this app would be used to augment your communication with your patient, and it shouldn’t be relied on solely to collect clinical data especially if you have some acute concerns. It is however a great tool to obtain some basic information from your patient so that you can evaluate whether some of your assessment has to be deferred until a family member is present, or if they need to follow up with someone who is more fluent in their native language. As always, use your nursing judgment in these situations, and certainly follow up with someone ASAP to ensure that your patient understands the next steps.


Let’s take a look at the app in action in the video below:

Grab the app from your Android or iOS device:



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