Oh, the Google Places you’ll go.

Being In The Know

A page one ranking through high quality Google places marketing is a massive win for any business. The impact and clout a business gets from having such a result is well regarded and highly sought throughout numerous services and industries, but how does Google places marketing help? 

Google places marketing isn’t straightforward, but by having a decent plan you can get up and towards the top of the search results page. Most Google searches are now driven by the Google places platform.

Building Your Chances

To make the most of Google places marketing and have the best chance of a high ranking, it is imperative your business is well profiled in Google. Registering as a business within the Google places platform will ensure your business becomes more visible instantly. This is a highly effective piece of Google places marketing, as the site can now show off your business in its search results as well as your location and contact details. 

Another highly effective Google places marketing technique is to build awareness of your business across the Internet. Whether you get articles, press releases, blogs, advertising pieces or anything else across the Internet, the more you’re mentioned the higher you rank and the greater your business prospects. Can other local business help you out; can they scratch your back if you scratch theirs?

Google places marketing is great, free marketing is potentially even better. Ever heard the statistic about a happy customer will tell four friends about you, an unhappy one ten? Word of mouth reviews – positive ones of course! – will ensure a lot more than four additional hits and the benefits to your business are enormous. As well as boosting your search ranking, it’s really a licence to print money long into the future, as other customers get to see your reputation for excellent service delivery. There really is no advertising like an endorsement from customers, if they’re happy they will shop again and again and your business will boom! Could it get any better for your business?

A Sustainable Future

Having a strong Google places marketing plan and constant activity to keep it fresh will help build your business to the level you want it to be. Google places can be a superb driver of traffic as well as helping conversions, sometimes an endorsement from Google is all you need, but with everything else in place, how can you possibly fail?

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