Gary Vaynerchuk…You’re my new friend


You don’t know me (yet), but you’re my new friend, professionally speaking of course. Unless you do actually want to hang, then don’t hesitate to reach out. How’s next Tuesday?

All jokes aside, I can now say that I have the pleasure of “knowing” you. So the next time you speak and I’m present at one of your keynotes, I’ll raise my hand with enthusiasm when you ask “who in this room knows who I am?” I’m right there with you brother.

I either can’t type fast enough, or my thoughts are racing, but I’m buzzing from the adrenaline coursing through me after watching your keynote. I’ll be sure to check for grammatical errors since my fingers apparently can’t keep up with what’s bouncing around in my head. As I am sure you already know, there are plenty of great Keynote speakers, and speeches. There are also quite a few not so great speakers, but no need to digress as my fingers are trying to keep up with my thoughts.

I have to say Gary, you really spoke to me, as if you were actually speaking to me brother. I not only heard you, I felt everything you were saying. I’m making every attempt to live what it is you’re trying to say, the message your trying to convey. Not only did your words have some real weight, some real substance, but essentially every statement was a “That’s exactly it!” moment for me. I really appreciate when those moments occur (I’ve had some recently and I’m doing something about it), and hearing your speech is one of them. Anyone who knows me, really knows me, can certainly tell you that I thrive on going against the grain. I’ve never been conservative when it comes to business, but keep in mind I’m also not reckless. To some, if I refuse to listen to the naysayers then I’m destined to fail. However, I’m all about breaking through, and so far, on a small scale, I have. Big is what’s coming in 2012, and I’m not stopping.

Do I have those “intimate” relationships with my customers? You bet, because I honestly want to know them, and I honestly believe that this is a radical approach. I’ll even take it to another level just like you said.

Note to my current community: If you just got pounded with snow and you need your driveway shoveled, call me. I’m there.

If I know them on a personal level, then I’ll know what keeps them engaged. Heck, I have analytics to give me the data, but I want to know more than just the demographics and financial value, I want to be invited into their lives. I plan to always remain genuine, and engaged with my customers, my community. I welcome feedback or criticism whether unfiltered or not, because how am I going to evolve as a business if I can’t even meet the need of my customers? In addition, I will continue to empower my customers by prioritizing their experience with my products and services as I recognize that they ultimately have a tremendous influence on the health of my business.

“Holding onto what emotionally feels good, is a good way to go out of business.”

Amen! If you’re not innovating, your not building equity in your brand by embracing the ongoing change through various platforms and social media. Simply put, stay relevant and remain within reach of your customer. Oh, and just one last thing. You are correct sir. I am a brand, and I’m always making certain that nurturing my personal brand is a top priority. It can only add value to the companies I’m building.

Keep rockin’ it,



Check out Gary’s 2011 Keynote speech at Inc. 500. Let me provide a general warning to this community about some of the “colorful” language Gary uses during this speech. If you are easily offended, then you may not want to watch, however it’s a pretty exhilarating hour if you’re truly looking to dig deep as an entrepreneur.


You can also check out the article at Inc. here.


  1. AnnaMorrison on January 6, 2012 at 5:24 am

    So glad the suggestion hit home for you, Kevin! I KNEW you’d love garyvee !! Seriously, entrepreneurs, if you turn all the other ‘noise’ off and just cultivate the type of deeply connected businesses and human capital that Gary talks about, your businesses will thrive. Period. I love his suggestion that Social Media is not for talking, it’s for LISTENING… that’s pivotal 🙂

  2. innovativenurse on January 6, 2012 at 6:45 am

    icoachnurses I’m so glad you turned me in the direction of garyvee . Creating and nurturing that human capital is extremely vital for any business. This has always been my belief. Sometimes the “filter” just needs to come of and even as “edgy” as he comes across in this keynote (some may not like it), it’s a wake up call that many entrepreneurs need to redirect their focus. Thanks again Anna!

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