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I get quite a few inquiries about whether using Fiverr is a good idea in your businesses, and I realize that in the start-up phases money might be a little tight. So, is it advisable to use a platform like Fiverr for services that you’re seeking out, but may not have a sizable budget to perform those tasks?

Well, let’s first look at what Fiverr actually is if you haven’t heard of it. According to the website Fiverr is a large marketplace where an individual or small business offers services (a Gig®) that start at, you guessed it, five whole dollars. Let’s table that concept about services starting at five dollars as I’ll expand on some of the additional “up charges” that are available.

So what types of services are offered on Fiverr?

  • Brand development (logo design, marketing collateral, website redesign)
  • Video or audio work
  • Game or app development
  • Online marketing
  • Content development
  • Support and IT
  • Financial consulting

Heck, you can hire someone to sing happy birthday to you or a loved one, or even hire someone who will call you just to chat for a few minutes if you’re feeling lonely. There really are quite a few services you can hire out for.

How is it possible that these services are only five dollars?

Well you may be able to guess that this is the Internet and you are viewing profiles from all over the world. Depending on the location of the service provider, five dollars could mean quite a bit more than it does to you. However, that five dollars for these services doesn’t just end there.

Five dollars is the base at which all of the services begin and I can tell you that as the site has grown, so have the additional à la carte offerings along with it. So for example you may be looking for a new logo for your business. Now if you went to a designer there would be quite a few services offered within that logo design.

This may involve:

  • A meeting or discussion with you about your business and your target market
  • Basic logo development and concepts
  • Potential additional logo samples or concepts
  • Multiple rounds of revisions on those concepts
  • Provision of all source files (not just PNG or JPG files)
  • Additional logo concepts on stationary or website

These services within a logo design vary depending on the level of development you need and of course the fee structure of the designer, but you get the idea. So on Fiverr, that five dollars may only get you a very basic logo design that could completely miss the mark of your branding goals. However, most of the designers on Fiverr will add those additional services for a bump in fee that are usually outlined in their Gig® page. Essentially what starts out as a five dollar project could begin adding up to 50 dollars and beyond depending on your needs.

Should I use it and will I receive value on Fiverr?

This is certainly a loaded question, which I flesh out in much more detail in the podcast (that is if you’re only reading these show notes). So as I stated earlier, the equivalent of five U.S. dollars in other countries may go a lot further than it does here. It’s also possible that there are some budding professionals out there that are trying to build a portfolio and use Fiverr as a platform to gain easier access to potential clients.

Let’s say that they spend a little time on Fiverr offering great work for what you actually see as a bargain, but as they become more seasoned they then take their skills and knowledge to another venue where they may be compensated at a higher rate for their services. This could also be the same for small start-ups whether it’s an individual or a small group just trying to launch.

However to really answer that question about whether to use Fiverr, I need to discuss a few caveats. Actually, one major one.

I’ve been asked specifically about hiring someone on Fiverr to produce content for blogs or social media platforms. These discussions also extend to various forums where budding content creators may need some additional blog content to help them grow their communities.

This is where things could get a little sticky, especially with content for your blog. To me I look at every piece of content that I either create or that is submitted by an outside contributor as a product. These products should always meet those standards of high value that I’m trying to offer to my communities. I am sure you are an intelligent and ultra-savvy professional, so the content you’re consuming on these communities should be as well.

I have personally heard from content creators out there that some of the results from Fiverr haven’t been anywhere near the level of value they’re trying to offer. Now I realize that this isn’t the case for everyone and that your experience may be different, but you do have to consider the time and effort it takes you to create your own content. Is it worth more than five dollars? Well I hope so.

That being said if you too are a service based business, just remember that by using a service like Fiverr for multiple tasks, you may be contributing to devaluing your own services. Some of you may disagree, but I just want to be honest in that I already see too many nurses de-valued in what they’re doing, so don’t be a part of that problem.

Again, I do realize that many of these folks on Fiverr could be small businesses just trying to start out, or that five dollars is sustainable to them, but just be mindful of the much larger picture when outsourcing services.

Have you used Fiverr? What were your results like?

Due to a huge response requesting further tips on how to use Fiverr effectively, we’ve got a follow up podcast and show notes here providing you with more insight.

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    Just a quick update to everyone….

    Innovative Nurse receives quite a bit of traffic here and on the podcast, but I realize there aren’t a lot of comments from the community. However, I continue to receive quite a huge response via email and private messages on social media. Due to the overwhelming inquiries from this podcast, there will be a follow up on how to BEST use Fiverr if you’re still interested in utilizing for your business. 

    Stay Tuned!

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