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The responses that I received after releasing the previous episode on whether you should use Fiverr in your business was overwhelming. At least one hundred emails and LinkedIn InMails flew in with quite a few concerned entrepreneurs wondering if they made a mistake by using Fiverr. So after pouring through all of those inquiries I decided to expand on a few tips and tricks if you’re going to be using Fiverr. It’s not exhaustive, but it should help you get started at achieving a positive experience.

1. Remember, the base fee of this Gig® is five dollars, so don’t go expecting hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of results. It doesn’t matter how awesome someone markets themselves on Fiverr, they’re time is still valuable and those five dollars will only go so far.

2. Email the service provider before you actually buy the Gig® so as to avoid any issues with cancelling and/or requesting a refund on your end. Most sellers on Fiverr are more than willing to discuss the services with you prior to purchasing. This actually helps weed out any expectations on your end that the seller may not be able to meet, and it can certainly weed you out as a buyer if your expectations are just too unrealistic.

3. Careful with those locations stated on a seller’s profile. If you’re really seeking out a seller from the U.S. or the U.K. there really isn’t a guarantee that this is the actual location of the seller. This would reiterate step #2, emailing the seller beforehand.

4. It’s five dollars. If you’re looking to test the waters, then choose a Gig® just to see what kind of results you may get. Prior to hiring anyone for a job I like to give them a simple task just to see how they respond. Worst case scenario, you’re out five bucks.

5. When you decide to order the Gig® it is strongly advisable to respond to the pre-populated questions you receive from the seller because it’s a necessary step to getting your Gig® started and ultimately completed on time.

6. Pay attention to the additional services offered, for an additional fee of course. A base fee of five dollars may not get you much, or it may get you everything you need. Read the description of the service in its entirety. If you’re getting a logo design, audio work, or some other mock-up for your business, if you think you may need some revisions then make sure this is stated in the list of services at the base fee or as an additional charge.

7. This is likely THE most important step. When you do actually order that Gig® and you’re responding to the seller’s requests, make certain you’re as specific as possible about what you want or any pertinent details that will help the seller provide the end product you’re after.

8. If your finished product isn’t exactly what you had hoped for or had envisioned, attempt to reach out to the seller to see if a resolution can be met. This is tricky because most sellers want to maintain a positive rating on Fiverr, so they may be more likely to want to assist. Just maintain professionalism on your end and the seller is likely to do the same.

9. Make sure that you do have all of the rights to what you are receiving. Whether a logo, audio work, written content, or a video production, you want to make sure that it is original (as in it doesn’t belong to anyone else), and/or that the rights have been released to you.

10. If you’re satisfied with the end product, then definitely leave them positive feedback. This in turn helps them move up in the rankings and quite frankly you want to share your success with other buyers so they can also have a better chance at a positive outcome. Some sellers have a “tip jar” option on their profiles, so if they totally rocked that Gig® then why not throw them a few extra bones?

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  1. Kevin Ross, RN, BSN on January 21, 2015 at 8:32 am

    Thanks so much for giving the community some perspective as a seller. I agree that it would be nice to have a portfolio of writing samples, but as you state, a buyer should ask to view some samples.

    And, yes, I also agree that showing your gratitude with a thank you and positive review goes a long way.

  2. NivvieUK on February 23, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    I definitely agree with your second point. Contacting sellers before you order is crucial to getting good results from your Fiverr orders.

  3. innovativenurse on February 24, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    NivvieUK Yes indeed. Glad to have your input.

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