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From trying to decipher doctor’s handwriting and amazing anatomical drawings to medical references and blood recordings, there are phone apps for everything. So for those looking for a job in the field, then using your phone can be a great and fast way to keep up to date with what’s available in your sector. And there’s several to choose from.

First up, website is an app which allows users to stay in touch with a variety of nursing jobs. There’s the option to choose geographically, so for those looking for a position in a certain area, this can cut down on search time. It also features Speciality and Discipline function, streamlining any search. There are thousands of jobs listed, and application is via an easy-to-use form. And the best bit is that it is all absolutely free to use.

Similarly, so is the app. Launched in 2011, this includes a storing facility which means users can upload and save their CV, allowing job application to be relatively swift and painless. Additionally by setting up mobile alerts, no time is wasted and dream jobs are not missed. Not specifically for nursing positions, Nurse-net does however allow users to stay in touch thanks to the News Reader function. Thinking linearly, this could offer new avenues and opportunities, say, when it came to news of a hospital expansion, or new health center opening. And let’s not forget some of the social media sites such as Twitter. It’s normal for job opportunities to be posted through social media sites these days, some can be given their own hash tag, so look out and follow relevant users.

Of course, while it’s important to utilize new technologies, the tried and tested techniques ought not to be forgotten. These include registering with local recruitment firms and uploading your CV online. Broadening any search beyond nursing jobs can also throw up potential leads and contacts. That’s because having decent contacts will definitely help get your name out there so it’s vital that you network. Get to know people who work locally and let them know you’re looking for work. And telling those close to you can also be a good a way of getting an introduction. While you’re at it, you should contact your local medical centers and healthcare organizations because they need to know that you’re looking for work. And, finally, local newspapers and college career centers can also advertise nursing related jobs.

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Sarah MacLennan is a writer, new technology lover and wrote this article on behalf of Academic Knowledge.

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