Farewell Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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Losing a coworker is never an easy process, but finding the perfect farewell gift for him or her may help to ease that transition a bit. While personalizing the gift to make certain you get something your soon-to-be coworker will really love can help things a bit, if you’re not even sure where to start, these ideas can give you a lift.

A Book of Letters

Make sure your coworker knows just how much he or she was appreciated in the office by asking several other colleagues to write a personal letter to that individual. You can have them bound together in a book format, and you could even include a few pictures you can find of your coworker in the office, at the company picnic, or at that great retreat where all of you had so much fun. Present your coworker with the special book on the last day of work.

Moving On

Your coworker is headed for a whole new life, so take the time to find out a bit more about those future plans and come up with a gift that would be appropriate for all of those new endeavors. For example, say your coworker has decided to become a classroom teacher. You could offer a personalized desk nameplate, a great bag to help carry those textbooks and papers back and forth, or a whistle he or she can use on the playground with the kids. If it’s a change in lifestyle instead of jobs, find something else that pertains. For example, if your coworker is leaving to take care of a new baby at home, consider a book about stay at home parenting or a baby gift.

A Day of Fun

What might your coworker think was the single best day every? Is it a trip of the amusement park? A hot air balloon ride? A day at the spa? Come up with the ideal, unique gift certificate and offer it to them. If you have a sports fan on your hands, get a gift card that’s good at the local stadium for tickets and the concession stand. If you have someone who enjoys the theatre, get a gift certificate for tickets to the hot new show. Your gift to them can be a day (or night) of excitement to help remember all of you.

Think Delicious

There are very few people who don’t love gifts that revolve around food, and as long as your coworker doesn’t have a special diet or food allergies, consider a food gift basket. A gourmet breakfast basket might be a fun choice, as would a cookie basket or edible arrangement. The key with this gift, though, is that you need to know your coworker very well before you place any orders.

If you simply can’t decide what might make the best gift, you may want to consider a gift basket full of a variety of smaller items that you’re certain he or she will use in the near future.


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