Dropbox, thanks for the space, I feel better about our relationship

So last night I happened to be uploading photos and video to Dropbox via the Android camera upload feature, and after all these years using Dropbox I had never taken advantage of the feature. My device has been a little sluggish lately and I noticed that I had maxed out the available space both on the phone and the memory card, so I queued everything up to sync it with my Dropbox folder overnight.

I woke up to a pleasant surprise when I checked on the upload. I noticed 3GB of extra space available. Say huh? I love free space, but how did I get it? Well, just as I had been attempting to investigate the reason, I looked over at my Twitter feed to find that apparently Dropbox is giving up to an additional 3GB of space to those who use the upload feature on their Android devices. Here are some details on the bonus. I also posted a video about this little find that I just stumbled on. You get 500MB of space just for initiating the upload, then an extra 500MB for the equivalent of what you’re uploading up to 3GB.

Thank you for giving me the space I needed Dropbox. I’m feeling a little lighter in this relationship.


  1. splice_vine on May 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    Kevin – great headline!  I’m a DropBox disciple as well.  Keep up the great work on your site!

  2. innovativenurse on May 28, 2012 at 7:57 pm

     @splice_vine DropBox is the “bees knees.” Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site. Much appreciated on the compliment. 

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