Dear Katie,

I decided to commandeer my own blog for a moment to profess (publicly announce) my undying love for you on Valentine’s day. Sure it’s a bit bold, but have you ever known me to do anything without going big?

I was thinking this morning while quickly devouring my stale peanut butter sandwich, and you rushing through your bowl of cereal that it can be easy to forget what’s important, especially with the hectic lives that we lead. There’s no doubt you are an amazing wife and mother. Everything that you do for our family, the sacrifices you make will never go unappreciated. I am however still working with the boys on picking up after themselves, keeping the gross noises to a minimum, chewing with their mouths closed, putting the toilet seat down, and getting them to stop doing whatever it is that you want them to stop when you ask—on the first request. I just need a little more time.

Katie, you know I have a fierce passion for the many things that I do, but it is you that pushes me to be even better. I should really be thanking you for putting up with the many directions I pursue all at once. The many times I’ve said, “this is going to be big.”

Trust me, it will be.

And you, always giving me a very loving and inquisitive response, “I can’t wait to hear more.” It means so much to me, even if you think I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

You believe in me, you put up with me, and you truly understand my full potential. I’ll never be able to repay you, but I’ll spend the rest of our lives together trying.

You are the sticky rice to my sushi. It is you that holds me together.

You are my dearest friend, and my most favorite person on this earth.

In true “geeky” fashion, I offer you a symbol of my undying love, an iMac flower.

I love you Katie, xoxo

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