Coping With Unique Dilemmas for the Traveling Nurse

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Whether you have always wanted to work on the road as well as the medical industry or if you have recently received a job offer to work as a traveling nurse, coping with unique dilemmas while you are traveling can be remedied with a few tips and tricks. Because you will be traveling frequently as a nurse working for a healthcare facility, understanding how to prepare for the jobs you take on is critical to ensuring success with your new job.


  • Always Keep Extra Cash Available: As a traveling nurse, you may run into car troubles or even the loss of a room you have reserved and planned ahead of time. Keeping up to $500 in additional cash available in your bank account at all times can ensure you are capable of getting another room or paying for transportation if necessary when trying to get to a job. It is also recommended to find a steady way to rent the transportation you need and a hotel chain that is affordable and to your own standards where you most frequently visit to work. Finding locations that work for you any time you are taking on a new job can ease the stress of planning your projects and travel itineraries based on the amount of work you receive.
  • Working for a Nurse Staffing Company: Working for a company as a traveling nurse for the first time can be intimidating. However, most agencies often provide many benefits and a set pay schedule. This frees you from handling the finances with a new hospital and allows you to focus on the task at hand.
  • Travel Light: If you are hired for a job that will only require a day or two of your time, avoid packing an entire suitcase and instead opt for a singular carry-on bag to save on checking baggage costs and time when you want to board the airplane. Create a list of the necessities you will need, as outfits and gear are often provided once you arrive at your destination.
  • Use Online Banking Accounts: Being hired as a traveling nurse may require you to be on the road frequently or flying to various cities, states and even countries depending on your position. When you travel frequently, having a laptop with Internet access is highly recommended to help with paying bills and keeping track of your finances at any time, regardless of your location. When you choose to use a laptop that is online, you can also easily stay in contact with colleagues, family members and friends so you can help with reducing loneliness while you are traveling for work.
  • Thwarting Loneliness: If you work full-time as a traveling nurse, the position can at times, become stressful, tiring and even lonely. When you are dealing with bouts of loneliness, talking with family and friends online using live-video chats and text messages can help you to feel more social even during your busier days at work. Meeting new friends is also possible by bonding with other nurses you work with as you travel or sparking up conversation with locals that you find at a restaurant or bar you enjoy.


Being a travel nurse is not for everyone, but is ideal for those who enjoy helping others while exploring various cities and states without hesitation.


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