Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs INS EPS 07

I keep talking about the hustle of entrepreneurship, and I’m sure many of you may envision me standing around telling everyone I work with to keep hustling. I’ve of course used that term when I’m with my three boys or coaching soccer, but for the most part I keep this out of my daily vocabulary…

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What Does It Take To Be A Nurse Consultant? INS EPS 06

Nurse Consultant

“I’ve heard the term before, but what does it take to be a nurse consultant?” Well, I talk quite a bit about entrepreneurship on these shows (of course that is the point of the show), and I’ve often tossed around the concept of consulting as a career path. Being a nurse consultant doesn’t actually have…

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Starting Your Own Nurse Staffing Agency INS EPS 05

I’ve been getting so many questions from the community about starting a business, but the main point of inquiry is the same. “How can I contract directly with a hospital and cut out the middle man?” Well, to do it right, you have to actually become the middle man (or woman) and start a nurse…

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So You Think You’re An Entrepreneur? INS Episode 04

You’ve been talking about starting a business, you say that you’re hard at work on launching this endeavor, BUT are you really cut from the entrepreneurial cloth? Can you actually execute on those ideas, AND do you even have the drive and faith in your own abilities to produce something tangible? Stay tuned for more…

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What Kind Of Business Do I Start? INS Episode 02

So, you’ve decided to start a business, but what kind of business do you start? In this episode I share some of those examples of nurse entrepreneurial opportunities. Now some of these businesses will afford you the opportunity to work from home, and others may require an office that you either lease/own, and some may require travel.…

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Ten Reasons To Start A Business: INS Episode 01

On today’s inaugural episode of The Innovative Nurse Show, I start the conversation about some of the reasons to actually start a business as a nurse. The list is far from comprehensive as I’m sure you’ve had your own reasons for starting your business, but these are at least some of the reasons to jumpstart…

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