AT&T, can you please pass the data?

Well according to AT&T’s consumer blog it looks like they will be launching their version of shared plans for current and new customers. If you think this sounds familiar to the Verizon share plan, well, it pretty much is except that it seems AT&T is still keeping some of their current plans to choose from when this new mobile share plan launches.

I’m always looking for ways to get the most value for my dollar in my business. Aren’t you? I’m not one to always defect to the other side for a few dollars. My current plan at T-mobile serves me well, however some recent coverage issues at one of my office locations is causing me a bit of a headache and simply put I need my phone to actually work like, you know, A PHONE.

I have multiple devices and my requirements are both unlimited minutes and unlimited texting. I talk like my generation did when we were teenagers, A lot. Remember having your parents ask if that phone was surgically attached to your head? It was for me. I also text like the teenagers do today, but rather I suppose I should include a larger demographic in here. I think many of us do quite a bit of texting.

My data needs are fairly minimal. I do need to tether every now and again, but I’m typically near a wifi connection quite often. Below is the breakdown from AT&T. Is this a plan you could see yourself adopting, or does the whole idea of “sharing” make you a little queasy seeing as these companies are starting to become a little stingy with their data allotments for us as consumers especially at a time when we’re typically consuming more of it?

Supply and demand. Love it or hate it, we’re all consumers on some level. How do you feel? Are your ears melting off of your head yet?


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  2. business telephone on September 8, 2012 at 1:02 am

    I like the services of AT&T and i am looking forward to this mobile share plan. I know this will going to be worth it.

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