Apple – ‘Making a difference. One app at a time.’

I can understand both perspectives when it comes to technology in healthcare, human services, and the like. As an enthusiast and avid consumer of technology, these “gadgets” are firmly planted into my personal and professional routines. I also understand that as a novice, these technologies may impede our progress or focus on what we’re actually trying to achieve. I’ve appreciated your position about being so wrapped up in the technology that we may forget how to actually communicate to our patients and clients.

Just when you think Apple’s branding campaigns couldn’t possibly reach another plateau, they continue to find ways to recapture our affinity for technology and tug at a few heart strings in the process. They also show us how we can continue to connect with those we serve all by starting with a simple concept that evolves into an extraordinary app.

Featured Apps:

Are there methods that technology has improved the way you practice? Are you able to help more clients just by streamlining a process while raising the standard of your care? Or, are you still struggling with effectively implementing these tools into your practice and feel a disconnect with those your serve? Either way I’d sure like to know.

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