The New Apple iPad. Who’s picking one up?

Alright, we’ve made it through the Apple event today that announced the iPad 3 new iPad. The next event we’re all going to have to make it through is…Are you picking one up? Let’s talk about a few specs.

Instead of using “New iPad,” I’ll refer to it as the latest release. Any better? Not really.








This latest iteration maintains the 9.7″ screen, but now has a Retina Display with a resolution of 2048×1536. This is twice the pixel density at 264 pixels per inch (ppi). Also, with all of the 4G hype that we’ve all been bombarded with, this iPad does have 4G LTE support.

  •  There is also the GSM/UMTS worldwide network technologies including HSPA+ and Dual-HSDPA ( 3G network) and according to Apple, this will translate into download speeds up to 42 Mbps with DC-HSDPA and up to 21.1 Mbps with HSPA+, but this is all dependent on the reliability of the carrier and signal.
  • AT&T and Verizon will be the carriers here in the U.S.

Apple stepped it up with the new A5X chip, which translates to quad-core graphics. Say Huh? Per the Apple site, this drives the graphics four times faster than the iPad 2. Does that clear it up for you? Probably not, but it appears to be a very competitive gaming machine.

The iSight camera sports 5 megapixels, and primarily uses the optical system of the iPhone 4S. This includes the ability to shoot HD video at 1080p, and if you’re not as graceful as I am, then the video stabilization capability is a welcomed feature. Still wondering about that 10 hour battery life (9 hours while on 4G)? Well, Apple apparently has pulled it off, but I suppose we’ll see how this all plays out once we actually get our hands on it.

Where did Apple land on the price?

WiFi only model

  •  $499 16GB
  • $599 32 GB
  • $699 64GB
4G model will cost
  • $629 16GB
  • $729 32 GB
  • $829 64GB

So, as always, no real change in price, but Pre-orders begin today and are expected to arrive on March 16th.

The iPad 2 has decreased in price to $399 for 16GB, Wi-Fi + 3G is $529 16GB, and it seems that these are the only offerings according to the Apple store.

So I’m not going to discuss all of the spec upgrades with this iPad as you can find all of these details over at Apple. They have a much sexier way of showing you all of these nice features.

I just want to talk about whether you think you’ll trade up your current iPad, or even make this purchase for the first time? If you currently have an iPad 2, I’m not sure it’s really worth the upgrade, and if you’re looking for a new tablet that is sub $400, then the newly discounted second generation is a great buy in my opinion.

I see where the upgraded graphics processing is great for gaming, video, and photo editing, but is this really necessary in the business world? I personally have the first generation iPad that I scored for a pretty good deal when the second iteration was launched, and this has been a great tool in my business. With the help of a few apps (I’ll review later), I’m able to take notes and sync to the cloud, provide individual or small group presentations when I’m doing patient teaching, and I’m able to access my server to pull up patient records securely when I need them on the fly.

I could justify upgrading at this point to the most updated iPad. Can you tell I’m twisting my own arm? Okay, Uncle!

Hey, my restraint to upgrade previously was in check and this is pretty darn good for the tech enthusiast that I am. What do you think community? Are you going to pull the trigger on one of these slick pieces of hardware?

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