5 Reasons Healthcare Might Improve Under Obamacare

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Ever since Obamacare was passed as federal law, there has been a bit of controversy brewing everywhere from Facebook to Forbes Magazine. Some people feel outraged in the way that the bill was passed while others are perfectly content with the enactment of the new provisions. For the person who is a bit skeptical about the impact that Obamacare will have on our healthcare system, here are 5 reasons healthcare might actually improve under Obamacare. The system may not be at risk for suffering from mediocrity but instead may become even better with the implementation of Obamacare.

1. Healthcare Providers Are More Motivated to Help People

All healthcare providers who have the public interest at heart are now more capable and motivated than ever to help patients. Clinicians will now be able to place special attention on those who have been under-served for the past decades. They will likely be more energized to apply special focus in their diagnoses of illnesses.

2. Hospitals Will Invest In New Technology

Hospitals will have to become more efficient in order to handle the higher demand of patients. Hospitals will likely respond to this demand by purchasing new pieces of equipment that are more effective in diagnosing illnesses and treating patients. Patients can look forward to receiving more accurate diagnoses of their illnesses, and they will not have to worry about receiving a misdiagnosis.

3. Hospitals Will Be Sanitized

Hospitals will have to maintain higher standards of cleanliness to abide by the new legislation. If hospitals do not maintain a sanitary environment, they may be at risk for being investigated by the federal government. Hospitals may also receive fines from the government for failing to uphold clean treatment centers for patients. Patients benefit from this legislation because now they can expect to receive care in rooms that are free of germs. They can also have confidence that the tools that a surgeon uses are fully sanitized.

4. Staff Will Be Trained to Handle Intake

The staff in a hospital will now have to undergo rigorous training for responding to the increased influx of patients in the hospital. In the upcoming years, the number of patients who go into the ER are expected to rise. Hospital staff will have to respond to this increase in the number of patients with effective intake procedures. There will be a continued need to take on greater responsibility, therefore education and support in these areas must increase to maintain such diversity in providing care.

5. Better Prescription Drugs

Medical professionals will now be able to prescribe better medications for people who need them. In the past, a healthcare provider may not have been able to give a prescription to a person who did not have an insurance policy. Because everyone will now have access to healthcare, people will be able to receive the medications that they need. People will also be able to heal faster after receiving therapies that are more in line with their specific needs. They will also be able to take medications that have fewer harmful side effects than other medications.

Overall, healthcare stands to improve under Obamacare. Healthcare will likely improve since patients will now have the insurance plans that hospitals require in order to implement needed surgeries, medications and other medical treatments. Hospitals will now have to abide by higher professional standards that have been put forth in the Obamacare legislation. While people may be upset that Obamacare will become an increased tax burden, the truth is that Obamacare will have plenty of positive effects on helping individuals obtain the treatment that they need, and they will also be able to return to their livelihood in a more timely manner while decreasing their chances of returning to urgent care and ER’s.

Natalie Hedden is an ER nurse and guest author at Top Masters in Healthcare, a site with information and guides to getting a masters in healthcare.

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